BTEC Highway Engineering

TMS and Bath College continue their joint highways and transport training initiative to tackle the learning and skills gap in the highways and transportation sector.

TMS is able to offer an extensive range of training courses in the field of Highway Design, Traffic Management, Highway Technology and Highway Maintenance.  All courses offer a 'hands on' approach to training and are also recognised for CPD by the IHE and CIHT.


TMS and Bath College launched a joint training initiative in 2010. This allowed Bath College's very popular Highways Open Tech distance learning courses to be delivered in taught modular form by TMS as an expansion to their current highways and transportation training courses portfolio.

The initiative concentrates on four courses; Highway Design, Highway Technology, Transport Planning and Traffic Management, and Highway Maintenance. The courses will lead to a BTEC Certificate of Achievement for delegates through completion of a series of assignments that will be assessed by TMS and Bath College. 

Course Titles

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Course Format

Each course will be taught as four separate modules, with one day classroom based tuition for each module, totalling four days for each course. At the end of each module an assignment will be set. This should be completed by the student and submitted by the start of the next module. There will be around 6 weeks between the modules, which allow students sufficient time to complete the assignment and hand it in before the next module commences.  

BTEC Certificate of Achievement 

On completion of all four assignments to a satisfactory standard and within the specified timescale, a BTEC Level 4 Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to students. There is no examination. Students wishing to register for a BTEC award must do so at the enrolment at the start of the first module of the course. It is not possible to do this subsequently.

Students can attend the courses and not undertake the assignments if they wish and will receive a certificate of attendance (providing all the modules/course days are attended). 

A joint TMS/Bath College Certificate will also be issued to students completing the course.

The courses can also contribute to the achievement of a Professional Diploma in Highway Engineering by further study of Highways and Transportation topics from the TMS and Bath College training programme.  

In-House Training

The BTEC training proves very popular as an in-house course.  This can be a very cost effective way of training your staff, at a venue that is convenient for you.

Ideally we would require between 6 and 12 people to train on any one course.  

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