Manual for Streets


Manual for Streets 2 was published during 2010 and there are now examples of schemes where the principles are being applied on significant main roads within the urban environment. This course examines some of the contentious aspects of MfS2 and demonstrates that the principles can be safely adopted beyond local residential streets.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this course is to encourage delegates to embrace the principles in MfS2 within urban design. Delegates will have opportunities to discuss some of the more controversial ideas by undertaking a series of workshops that address issues like visibility, risk assessment, shared space, and visual quality.

Topics covered

  • Description of MfS2 contents and quiz
  • Highway design and liability and workshop
  • Highway design standards and "flexible" street design
  • Visibility and workshop
  • Quality Audit and safety audit and workshop
  • Shared space and workshop


Delegates completing this course will receive a CPD certificate of attendance, recognised by both the IHE and CIHT.

Course Availability

This course is only available to be delivered in-house, therefore if you would like this training please contact us to request a quotation.

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