Portfolio of Training

TMS offers an extensive range of training courses in the field of Road Safety, Traffic Management, Highway Design and Highway Maintenance.  All of our courses offer a 'hands on' approach to training and are recognised for CPD by the IHE and CIHT.

TMS training courses are all designed to provide high quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training. They are approved by IHE and endorsed by CIHT for CPD.  Attendance is generally limited to 12 - 16 delegates to encourage active participation and to ensure there is ample time to deal with individual questions.

Road Safety Engineering

RoSPA Road Safety Engineering (10 days) Online Training Option

RoSPA Road Safety Engineering (Modular) (6 days plus 4 days case-study work)

RoSPA Road Safety Engineering Refresher (2 days)

RoSPA Advanced Road Safety Engineering (2 days)

Collision Investigation Workshop (2 days) Online Training Option

Road Safety Audit

Introduction to Road Safety Audit (3 days) Online Training Option

Advanced Road Safety Audit (2 days)

Road Safety Audit - Keeping up to date (2 days) Online Training Option

Road Safety Audit - National Highways approved Certificate of Competency (2 days) Online Training Option

Road Safety Audit - A Barrier to Innovation? (1 day)

Road Safety Audit Awareness (1 day)

Highway Inspectors' Training (LANTRA & IHE Approved)

Highway Inspectors' Modular Training (4 days)

Highway Inspectors' Refresher (2 days)

National Highway Sector Schemes (NHSS)

Temporary Traffic Management 

NHSS 12D M7 Course for Managers & Client Officers (LANTRA Approved) (2 days)

BTEC Highway Engineering

BTEC Highway Design (4 x 1 day modules)

BTEC Highway Maintenance (4 x 1 day modules)

BTEC Highway Technology (4 x 1 day modules)

BTEC Transport Planning and Traffic Management (4 x 1 day modules)

Other CPD Training 

Bus Stop Design, Location and Road Safety (1 day)

Can we make our roads safer for cyclists? (1 day)

Design of Road Markings and Signs (Introduction to) (1 day)

Design of Roundabouts & Mini-Roundabouts (1 day) Online Training Option

Development Control (Introduction to) (1 day)

Highway Design (Introduction to) (1 day)

Highway Maintenance (Introduction to) (1 day)

Junction Design (Introduction to) (3 days)

Operational Highway Safety (1 day)

Priority Junctions & Development Accesses (1 day) Online Training Option

Removing Pedestrian Guardrail - How to do it without reducing safety (1 day)

Restraint Systems and Passive Safety (1 day)

Road Safety Audit of Pedestrian Facilities (1 day) Online Training Option

Statistics in Road Safety (1 day) Online Training Option

Tactile Paving (½ day) Online Training Option

Traffic Calming and Manual for Streets (Introduction to) (2 days)

Traffic Management (Introduction to) (2 days)

Traffic Regulation Orders (1 day) Online Training Option

Traffic Signals (Introduction to) (2 days)

Transport Planning, Traffic Management and Road Safety (Introduction to) (2 days)

Transport Assessments and Transport Statements (2 days) Online Training Option

Understanding Liability in Highway Maintenance & Highway Engineering (1 day)

Walking, Cycling and Horse Riding Assessment & Review (1 day) Online Training Option

Training in Ireland 

Road Safety Audit - Team Members' Training (3 days)

Road Safety Audit - Keeping up to date (2 days)

Junction Design (Introduction to) (2 days)

Audit Workshops (In-House Only)

Roundabout Audit workshop (1 day)

Mini Roundabout Audit workshop (1 day)

Traffic Signals Audit workshop (1 day)

Pedestrian Facilities Audit workshop (1 day)

Cycle Facilities Audit workshop (1 day)

Major Schemes Audit workshop (1 day)

Public Realm Audit workshop (1 day)

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