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Road Casualties Great Britain 2011 - Main results by road users type

The number of people killed in road accidents reported to the police has increased, by 3 per cent, from 1,850 in 2010 to 1,901 in 2011. Just under half (46 per cent) of all fatalities were car occupants, nearly a quarter (24 per cent) were pedestrians, while motorcyclists accounted for just under a fifth (19 per cent) of all fatalities.

New courses launched for 2011

TMS now has the following new courses available for 2011. All courses will be held at training venues in Coventry. Road Restraints and Passive Safety Streetscape and Road Safety Road Safety Audit Awareness Operational Highway Safety Statistics in Road Safety Installing and

Accessibility Studies in Ireland

What does a Quality Audit involve?

What is a Road Safety Audit?

Road Safety Audit Stage 1

A2 Maastricht

Auditing an existing street to reduce clutter

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Assessing the need for & design of pedestrian/cycle crossings

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Absence of flush kerbs and correct tactile paving

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TMS tours central and eastern Europe delivering road safety seminars

TMS has completed an extensive series of seminars throughout central and eastern Europe, delivering training materials commissioned by the Global Road Safety Partnership as part of the European Commission funded SOL project. Seminars were held in Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech

Road Safety Audit - Team Members' Training

Road Safety Engineering & Road Safety Audit - Abu Dhabi

Highway Safety Inspectors' Refresher Training (LANTRA Approved)

Road Safety Audit Quote (IRE)

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Portfolio of Training

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M4-M6 Kilcock, Enfield, Kinnegad PPP Scheme

A50 Arnhem

Auditing an improvement design to minimise clutter

Accessibility Studies in the UK

Bus Stop Design, Location and Road Safety

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Major Schemes Audit Workshop

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Lambeth Council commission TMS to carry out assessments of existing school crossing patrol sites

TMS has recently been commissioned to carry out an assessment of existing school crossing patrol sites throughout a London Borough area. The aims of the assessment are to confirm that criteria to justify the presence of a school crossing patrol officer are still being met, and to

TMS runs the first HA Approved Certificate of Competency in Road Safety Audit

TMS has become the first UK training provider to offer an official Highways Agency Approved Certificate of Competency in Road Safety Audit, when their Keeping up to Date two day course was approved by the HA in February 2012. The first course ran on 8-9 February 2012 in Coventry when

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RoSPA Road Safety Engineering Refresher

Road Safety Audit - Team Members Training (Feb 2020)

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N18 Ennis Bypass

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New street design manual moves to embrace highly-trafficked roads

"The original Manual for Streets was limited in scope to design considerations related to lightly-trafficked residential streets but now a companion volume, Manual for Streets 2, has been published to expand the thinking of the first design guide to encompass a far wider range o

Surveyor Magazine

TMS commissioned to develop an Impact Protection Strategy for Essex County Council

TMS has recently been commissioned to develop an Impact Protection Strategy for Essex County Council. The aim of this strategy is to ensure the consistent provision of road restraint systems and passively safe roadside products on the highway network throughout the County. The strategy

TMS exhibit at the 2nd Annual Shared Spaces Conference

On 25th January 2011, TMS were involved in exhibiting at the 2nd Annual Shared Spaces Conference. This was a one day conference held at 15 Hatfields in London. The conference attracted a wide range of delegates from public agencies to private developers, transport planners and place

CPD training for Road Safety Audit

RoSPA Road Safety Engineering - Keeping up to date (May 2019)

Road Safety Audit - Team Members Training (June 2019)

Online Training via Zoom Terms & Conditions

Highway Safety Inspectors' Training (LANTRA & IHE Approved) (July 2022)

Highway Safety Inspectors' Training (LANTRA & IHE Approved) (Sept 2022)

Road Safety Inspectors' Training (LANTRA & IHE Approved)

Highway Safety Inspectors' Training (LANTRA & IHE Approved) (Oct 2022)


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Road Safety Audit Training

Quality Audit

Safer Routes to School

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The need to improve disabled facilities

Other examples of TMS and the Streetscene

Road Safety Audit Stage 4

N25 Waterford Bypass PPP Scheme

Design of Road Markings and Signs (Introduction to)

Road Safety Audit (Introduction to)

RoSPA Road Safety Engineering (10 day)

Transport Planning and Traffic Management

Pedestrian Facilities Audit Workshop

Steep gradients

AIP - Worst First Project

Sandwell MBC

Surrey County Council

Worthing Borough Council

Luton Borough Council


Highway Inspectors' course gets the go ahead

TMS has recently received formal accreditation for a training course specifically designed for Highway Inspectors. The course, which covers all aspects of Highway Inspections, was originally developed with Birmingham City Council and how now received approval from national awarding

Road Safety Audit - Keeping up to date

Road Safety Audit - A Barrier to Innovation?

A note from TMS regarding COVID-19

Like everyone else, we’re following the situation regarding COVID-19 very closely and following Government advice. We wanted to provide our clients with some reassurance that we are doing our very best to ensure business continuity and to minimise the impacts on your business during the most challenging of times.


RoSPA Road Safety Engineering

Road Safety Audit

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Traffic and Parking Studies

Manual for Streets

M7 Portlaoise PPP Scheme

Design of Roundabouts and Mini-Roundabouts

Highway Maintenance

Traffic Signals Audit Workshop

The purpose of an Accessibility Audit

Guardrail Removal

Solihull MBC

Pedestrian and vehicle conflicts

Road Safety Audits: a help or a hindrance to better streets?

Road Safety Auditors have been criticised for standing in the way of innovative streets designs. But Malcolm Bulpitt from TMS, the author of the first ever road safety audit guidelines, tells Andrew Forster from LTT that a good auditor won't stand in the way of change - so long as

Transportation Professional

M18 Gort to Crusheen Motorway opens in Ireland

The new 22km M18 motorway, with a total scheme budget of €207 million, opened on Friday 12th November 2010, nine months ahead of schedule. The scheme represents the completion of another section of the Atlantic Corridor, and links in with the N18 Ennis Bypass Motorway, which

Another TMS Road Safety Audit for RPS Consulting

TMS has recently completed the detailed design road safety audit on a section of the South Ring Road in Cork, on behalf of RPS Consulting. The main aim of the scheme is to grade separate two junctions along the route (Sarsfield Road and Bandon Road roundabouts) which currently suffer

Road Safety Audit Quote

Junction Design (Introduction to)

Road Safety Audit (Introduction to) April 2020

Safety Studies

Professional Certificate in Road Safety Audit (Ireland)

Road Safety & Speed Management Plans

Darren Newbold

M50 (Contract 1) N4 to Ballymount Improvements

Design and Provision of Tactile Paving

Road Safety Audit (Advanced)

Mini Roundabout Audit Workshop

Industrial Road Safety Project

Warrington Borough Council

Road Safety Impact Assessments

Pedestrian Guardrail - Taking it Away

This article reviews the current trend for the removal of pedestrian guardrail. The new Department for Transport Guidance, Local Transport Note 2/09 - Pedestrian Guardrailing, is very comprehensive but the procedures suggested may be too onerous for many smaller local authorities

Irish Engineers working towards Certificate of Competency in Road Safety Audit

TMS is part way through teaching the first Road Safety Audit Certificate of Competency course in Europe. The course syllabus was adopted by the National Roads Authority (NRA) in June, and the course is being hosted and academically verified by University College Dublin. The

Road Safety Audit Team

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Highway Safety Inspectors' Training

Quote request for WTRA

Upturn in Scottish Road Safety Inspectors' Training

In conjunction with our highly successful Highway Inspectors' training, there has been a noticeable upturn in demand for our Road Safety Inspectors' training for local road authorities in Scotland.

Temporary Traffic Management (LANTRA Awards - NHSS 12D M7)

Road Safety Audit - IRELAND

Road Safety Assessments

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M8-N8 Corridor between Cullahill to Michelstown

Roundabout Audit Workshop

Interactive Checklists

Birmingham City Council

Road Safety Inspection

Making spaces accessible for everybody

Mark Steventon from TMS recently wrote an article surrounding the accessibility issues faced by people on a daily basis throughout the UK and Ireland. The article titled 'Making Spaces Accessible for Everybody' was published in 'Transport and the Urban Environment' and provided

Successful launch of the Passive Safety Guidelines in Manchester

TMS, in conjunction with UK Roads, has recently run the third in a series of successful seminars to launch the Passive Safety Guidelines. The most recent seminar was held on 23rd September at Old Trafford, the home of Lancashire County Cricket Club. The event was hosted by the North

TMS awarded Safety Audit Contract for West Sussex County Council

For the second time, TMS has been awarded the Road Safety Audit contract (3 years) for West Sussex County Council. For this contract TMS will be carrying out Road Safety Audits, at all stages, on a variety of schemes throughout West Sussex. For the Council, TMS has already carried

Our Safety Audit experience

Road Safety Audit (Advanced) Feb 2020

RoSPA Road Safety Engineering (10 day) (Sept 2022)

Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding

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Road Safety Research

Dublin Port Tunnel

RoSPA Road Safety Engineering (Modular)

Collision Investigation

North Circular Road Dublin - AIP

HM Customs and Excise

Road Safety Research

Royal recognition for safety efforts

For the second year running, the Chartered Institution has been presented with a coveted Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. In December, the award was made to CIHT in recognition of its newly published Road Safety Audit guidelines. Representatives from CIHT attended an

TMS awarded NEW Road Safety Audit contract by Stoke-on-Trent City Council

TMS has recently been awarded the Road Safety Audit contract by Stoke-on-Trent City Council. TMS was invited by the Council to submit a tender proposal for the provision of Road Safety Audit Services at Stages, 1, 2, 3 and 4. The RSA commission involves the undertaking of Road

TMS kicks-off Quality Audit service

TMS and Phil Jones Associates have been commissioned to provide a Quality Audit of two public realm schemes. The two schemes, one being a future super-hospital in Bristol and one being an urban regeneration project in Cheshire based on shared space principles, will both shortly be at

Client Profile

Road Safety Audit - Keeping up to date

RoSPA Road Safety Engineering (Modular) (June 2020)

Designing for Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding (Feb 2020)

RoSPA Road Safety Engineering (e-Learning)

Road Safety Audit - Keeping up to Date (April 2022)

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BTEC Highway Engineering

Traffic Calming and 20 mph zones

N2 Clontibret to Castleblayney

Designing Safer Roads for Motorcyclists

North-West Casualty Reduction

Intel (Ireland) IBM and Ford

Strategic Guidelines

Safer Walking in Wight

The Isle of Wight Council had a vision to become a world renowned Eco-Island where its residents and visitors can enjoy healthy lives and feel safe. With safety as one of its key prerogatives, when the Council decided to reorganise its school system, closing some facilities and

TMS/RoSPA has awarded the first UK Certificate of Competence for Road Safety Audit

Steve Proctor, Director of TMS, recently presented Tristan Hall of Warwickshire County Council with his Certificate of Competence following Tristan's successful completion of the TMS/RoSPA qualification. Tristan obtained the qualification after attending the June 2010 two week RoSPA

TMS carry out traffic management study and risk assessment at a school for autistic children

TMS has recently been commissioned to carry out a traffic management study and workplace transport risk assessment at a school for autistic children in the West Midlands. The school is set in 58 acres of rural parkland, and specialises in the care of children and young people with

Road Safety Audit - Middle East

Road Safety Audit Quote


Street De-cluttering

Walking Routes to School

LUAS Line Implementation, Dublin

Road Safety Audit - National Highways Approved Certificate of Competency

On the Spot Research (OTS)

Universities and Colleges

TMS publishes research carried out for Manual for Streets 2

TMS has now published the research they carried out for Manual for Streets 2. The pdf document, entitled "Research for MfS2: High Risk Collision Sites and Y Distance Visibility", is available from 29th September 2010 for free download. The publication of the research coincides with

A decade of safety auditing major road schemes in Ireland

The Irish financial crisis was a topical subject last year (and the Government crisis more recently) with everyone talking about the doom and gloom in the Republic of Ireland. For me, this is a shame, as my perception of the country is a little different

Development Control (Introduction to)

TMS begin work with 3M to provide Road Safety Seminars in Eastern Europe

TMS has been working with 3M to provide a series of road safety seminars in Eastern European Capital Cities over the past few weeks. The seminars have taken place in Zagreb, Belgrade, Prague and Warsaw.

In-House Training Quote

Other CPD Training

Road Safety Audit - Highways England Approved Certificate of Competency (Nov 19)


Workplace Transport Risk Assessments

Harminder Aulak

N9/N10 Waterford to Knocktopher

Parallel Initiatives Study


Passive Safety seminar success at Stratford-upon-Avon

Over 40 delegates from UK private and public sector companies, together with around 20 industry sponsors took part in the second 'Designing Safer Roads' seminar in June 2010. The event took place at Stratford's Swan's Nest Hotel. The day comprised a morning conference chaired by TMS

TMS continues academic link with University of Birmingham

TMS is pleased to announce that Director Steve Proctor has been re-appointed as an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Birmingham. This continues a link between TMS and the University going back to the early 1990’s

Training in Ireland

WCHAR - Walking, Cycling and Horse Riding Assessment & Review

Road Safety Audit - Highways England Approved Certificate of Competency (July 2020)

Introduction to Highway Design


Lorna Charles

Introduction to Highway Maintenance

Pedestrian Crossing Design

First delegates take competency certificate on TMS/ RoSPA course

Four delegates on the June RoSPA Road Safety Engineering course elected to take the "certificate of competency" qualification now being offered by TMS/RoSPA. This involved the delegates undertaking an examination at the end of the first week of the course, and submitting an individual

Oxford, Broad Street - Temporary Public Space

The historic Broad Street in Oxford which bordered Balliol college, shops, cafes, and libraries was due to be turned into a temporary public space (3 months) which included landscaping and a seating area.

Mark Steventon

Quality Audit - Regents Circus


New Professional Certificate in Road Safety Audit - IRELAND

TMS is pleased to announce that a NEW Road Safety Engineering Ireland course will take place this Autumn, in partnership with University College Dublin. Candidates who successfully undertake the Professional Certificate in Road Safety Audit will be awarded a Certificate of Competence

Introduction to Traffic Signals

In-House Training

Junction Design (Introduction to)

Quality Audit Tidworth

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TMS carry out Road Safety Audits on the A73/A74 scheme in Venlo, The Netherlands

In June 2010, TMS undertook a Detailed Design Safety Audit of the A73/A74 Interchange in Venlo, Netherlands. This interchange would connect to a new motorway route from Germany, and provide a 'missing road link' in the road infrastructure. The interchange would be free-flowing and

Blue Cycle Routes, Birmingham

As part of Birmingham City Council’s Cycle Revolution, new Blue Cycle Routes have been provided along the A34 and A38. These are on the A34 New Town Row/High Street and A38 Bristol Road/Bristol Street corridors, the goal is to provide an easy and quick route to Birmingham city centre.

Terms and Conditions

Manual for Streets

Review of Route Accident Studies

TMS involved in 'Quality Audit Day' hosted by Swindon BC

Regent Circus, Swindon, is a proposed "shared space" improvement scheme which forms the main pedestrian link between the re-development of former Swindon College site and the town centre. The part of the scheme addressed by this Quality Audit concerns the area of public .

Cookie Policy

LATEST UPDATE - Road Safety Audits during COVID-19

Following the ongoing Goverment guidance with regards to COVID-19 and the associated travel restrictions in place, TMS has decided that we should not be carrying out site visits for Road Safety Audits or any other purposes, until the travel restrictions have been lifted by the Government.

Operational Highway Safety

Road Safety Advice Kyrgyzstan

TMS staff secondment for HA Area 7 MAC contract

A-One+, Halcrow's joint venture with Colas and Costain, were awarded the Highways Agency's Area 7 MAC contract. The contract covered the HA's roads in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. A-One+ needed temporary help to resource the

Jan Alcock

TMS & AECOM continue their joint venture project to train Road Safety Engineers in the Middle East

TMS & AECOM are continuing their joint venture project to train Road Safety Engineers in the Middle East. The early part of this year sees the second running of an open two week course based on the principles of Road Safety Engineering and Road Safety Audit and will be held at AECOM’s Abu Dhabi office. The course will be held from 21st February to 3rd March 2016.

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Road Safety Audit - Qatar

TMS exhibit at The 15th Annual Quality Streetscapes Conference

In May 2010, TMS were involved in exhibiting at Living Spaces - The 15th Annual Quality Streetscapes Conference; BETTER STREETS BETTER PLACES. This was a national one day conference held at 15 Hatfields in London. The conference attracted a wide range of delegates from public agencies

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Priority Junctions & Development Accesses

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from TMS Consultancy!

As the year is coming to an end we are reflecting on what we have done throughout 2021 and would like to announce our opening times for the Christmas period!

Removing Pedestrian Guardrail - How to do it without reducing safety

Road Safety Audit Guidelines

TMS continues to provide Pan London Road Safety Training Programme

TMS continues to provide a series of road safety courses for London Borough, TfL, Metropolitan and City Police staff as part of the Pan London Road Safety training initiative. TMS Associate, Malcolm Bulpitt (pictured left), discusses vulnerable road user issues with delegates in

Safety Auditing Public Realm Schemes

TMS have recently audited a number of proposed public realm schemes.

Silvertown Tunnel Project

The Silvertown Tunnel Project is a scheme set to open in 2025 for the goal to provide an additional River Thames crossing to alleviate current traffic levels and congestion near the Blackwell Tunnel as well as regeneration on both sides of the river.

Restraint Systems and Passive Safety

Road Safety Inspection Riyadh

TMS trains Road Safety Auditors in Abu Dhabi

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi has recently introduced a Road Safety Audit standard based on the UK's HD 19/03 standard, in order to try and reduce the number of collisions occurring on its roads. To assist with their new requirement, TMS provided Road Safety Engineering and Road

Restraint Systems and Passive Safety (May 2021)

Risk Assessment for Road Safety Practitioners

Road Safety Plan Iceland

Success for the first TMS/Passive Safety UK seminar held in Durham

TMS and Passive Safety UK have just completed the first of a series of Passive Safety seminars in Durham. The event, which took place on 27th April 2010 at Durham County Hall was a huge success with over 70 delegates attending and 14 exhibitors demonstrating a range of passively safe

Steve Barnard

TMS Launches Online Training Courses

Tower Road South, Birkenhead, Merseyside - Public Realm scheme

The public realm scheme, which is located on Tower South Road, Birkenhead was completed in March 2021. The works were commissioned by a leading consultancy in transport planning, infrastructure design and flood risk.

Risk Assessment for Bike-ability Instructors

Road Safety Plan Lambeth

AECOM commission TMS to carry out a Road Safety Audit on a major highway scheme in Doha, Qatar

In April 2010, TMS were commissioned by the multinational company AECOM, to carry out a preliminary design safety audit on a major highway scheme in Doha, Qatar. Qatar is currently in the process of adopting road safety audit procedures as part of the design process for major road

Richard Cook

Road Safety Audit Awareness

Road Safety Kazakhstan

TMS appointed as expert technical advisors to the EC 'SaferBrain' project

TMS Director Steve Proctor and Associate Martin Belcher have both been appointed as expert technical advisors to the EC "SaferBrain" project which started in December 2009 and runs throughout 2010 and 2011. The project aims to examine successful road safety engineering interventions in

Nick Newton

Road Safety Audits on the Strategic Road Network (SRN)

During 2020, TMS have carried out numerous Road Safety Audits on the Strategic Road Network (SRN). TMS Engineers have a vast experience of auditing major road schemes across the UK, at all stages of the audit process.

School Keep Clear Markings Audit

Launch of GreenSafe Foundation in Birmingham

TMS Director, Steve Proctor, met recently with fellow trustees of the GreenSafe Foundation, a registered charity dedicated to promoting independent research into road safety issues. Pictured at the launch are Steve, together with GrenSafe's Mike Mounfield, Jacob's Kate Carpenter, and

Road Safety Audit of Pedestrian Facilities

TMS Consultancy's Macmillan Coffee Morning

TMS Consultancy are proud to have hosted a Macmillan coffee morning in our new office space with the main goal to raise money for the cancer support charity.

Speed Limit Audits

Launch of new TMS website

On Friday 19th March 2010, TMS unveiled its brand new website. The new web site also coincides with a major re-brand for TMS to celebrate 20 years as a leading independent traffic and road safety consultancy. TMS is passionate about providing safer roads for everyone so we welcome

RoSPA celebrates 100 years of preventing accidents

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) recently celebrated its Centenary with a garden party at Buckingham Palace hosted by Prince Andrew. TMS Director Steve Proctor was invited to attend in recognition of the work TMS has undertaken with RoSPA for over 25 years.

Road Safety Education (Introduction to)

Lee Williams

Road User Behaviour (Seminar)

New Certificate of Competence in Road Safety Engineering

The European Directive on Road Infrastructure Management requires that by 2013 road safety auditors working on the trans European Road Network (TERN) will need to undergo road safety engineering training resulting in the award of a "certificate of competence". From June 2010 RoSPA/

TMS undertakes Train the Trainer Workshop in Budapest, Hungary

TMS has undertaken a Train the Trainer Road Safety Workshop in Budapest, Hungary, as part of the European Commission funded SOL (Save Our Lives) project. The workshop was attended by delegates from 8 central and eastern European countries and observers from Cambodia and Vietnam. The

Neal Roderick

Streetscape - Shared Space and De-cluttering

TRACE Research

TMS assisting Birmingham City Council with training for highway maintenance inspectors

TMS and Birmingham City Council are working together to develop and deliver a series of training modules for highway inspectors and road maintenance supervisors (the Highway Inspectors Modular Training and Assessment Certificate, or IMTAC). The training includes an assessment

Highway Inspectors' Training - over 300 trained to date

TMS is one of the few training providers that deliver the IHE accredited, five day, Highway Inspectors Modular Training Course. Since October 2011 TMS have now trained 319 Highway Inspectors for local authorities and consultants across the UK. These inspectors are now eligible to have their names entered onto the National Register of Highway Inspectors maintained by IHE.

Richard Marriott

Statistics in Road Safety

Urban Safety Zones Initiative

VSRC and TMS working on research study into motorcycle collisions

TMS is working with the Vehicle Safety Research Centre (VSRC) at the University of Loughborough on a Department of Transport funded research study into motorcycle collisions with roadside objects. The study uses the On the Spot (OTS) collision database to identify locations, objects .

TMS delivers Scottish Risk Assessment Courses

TMS has delivered two one day Risk Assessment courses for road safety staff in the west of Scotland. The courses, which took place at East Ayrshire Council in Kilmarnock, were focused on the task of assessing Walking Routes to School (WRTS) in situations where parents are appealing a decision of the Council not to provide school transport.

Tara Jowett

Walking Routes to School

TMS reaches its 9000th Road Safety Audit

On the 5th March 2010, TMS carried out its 9000th Road Safety Audit!! Over the last 20 years TMS has carried out Road Safety Audits for a diverse range of clients all over the UK, Ireland and internationally. TMS has recently been successful in winning the Safety Audit contract for

TMS to sponsor team in Mongol Rally!!

One of the consequences of undertaking road safety audits throughout the UK is that our Audit Teams do a lot of driving in a year. But few auditors would ever consider driving to Mongolia as part of the official Mongol Rally!!

Tactile Paving

Articles/Press Releases

Workplace Transport Risk Assessment

RSN and TMS launch new Road Safety course

TMS and RSN Associates have recently launched a new two-day course: 'Delivering Road Safety in the Future'. It is aimed at road safety professionals who have already attended the Phase 2 course or who have at least three years experience. The fundamental aim of the course is to

Temporary Traffic Management (LANTRA Awards - NHSS 12D M7) June 2019

TMS working with 'Passive Safety UK'

TMS in conjunction with 'Passive Safety UK' has launched a new training seminar 'Designing Safer Roadsides'. The format of this seminar includes workshops and an interactive exhibition. This workshop style event will give attendees the opportunity to consider and address some of the

Academics and practitioners share ideas on road user behaviour

TMS hosted a road user behaviour seminar on 10 January at the Chase Hotel in Coventry. The event was attended by over 45 practitioners and academics from across the UK, and was designed to give opportunities for discussion of new ideas relating to road users. George Dunbar, a

Traffic Regulation Orders (Nov 2019)

Third year for TMS at Road Safety Expo

For the third year running, TMS exhibited at the Road Safety Expo conference which took place in November 2009. This is an annual event which was held at the QEII Conference Centre, London. Road Safety Expo is a comprehensive conference and exhibition for professionals in road safety

TMS roll out Workplace Transport Safety Training for Scottish Hospitals

Following a successful pilot course held in Lanarkshire (see news item 31st May 2011) TMS have now delivered further workplace transport safety training for key operational and safety management staff of the Lothian NHS Board in Edinburgh. This two-day course, which includes an

Traffic Regulation Orders

RoSPA Congress 2010

In February 2010, TMS were involved in exhibiting on the 75th Annual Road Safety Congress, which was held in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. This is the second year TMS has exhibited at the RoSPA Congress. This was an excellent opportunity for TMS to showcase their new company

TMS on Safari – Road Safety Training in Namibia

TMS Director Steve Proctor and Pete Smith recently had the opportunity to undertake a week long training course in the Southern African state of Namibia. The opportunity arose following a visit to the UK in 2011 by Ambrosius Tierspoor, from the Namibian National Road Safety Council (NRSC). The course covered the following aspects of road safety: the scale of the problem; road safety management and safe systems, collection, recording and analysis requirements for collision data, collision causation, road safety collision reduction techniques – including statistical and cost- benefit analyses, road safety audits, enforcement issues, and techniques to tackle occupational road risk, drink/driving, child collisions and speeding issues.

Traffic Regulation Orders (July 2019)

Industry News

Traffic Calming & MfS (Introduction to)

TMS success in winning WSCC Safety Audit contract

It has recently been confirmed that TMS have been successful in their tender for the West Sussex County Council Safety Audit contract. This is a three year contract for the Council and TMS will be involved in carrying out the majority of their Safety Audit work at all stages for a

TMS gains LANTRA training accreditation

TMS has been accredited by Lantra Awards to deliver a new 2 day Temporary Traffic Management safety course. TMS, well known for delivering traffic safety and traffic management training courses to the public and private sectors in the UK and Ireland, are also specialists in road

TMS provide advice on improving pedestrian safety

TMS recently provided advice to a Client to improve pedestrian safety outside a school in Rainham, London. This site was visited during school peak times to observe pedestrian behaviour and vehicle movements.

Traffic Calming & MfS (Introduction to) April 2019

Traffic Management (Introduction to)

TMS awarded the contract to provide training for Devon Road Safety Academy

TMS has recently been awarded a contract to manage and provide road safety training for the Devon Road Safety Academy. This involves provision of training courses for staff working for Devon Country Council and its road safety partners including Fire and Rescue and the Police. The

Cyprus Road Safety Auditors trained by TMS

TMS has just completed a project for the Public Works Department (PWD) of the Republic of Cyprus, in response to the training requirements of the European Directive on Road Infrastructure Safety Management. Ten engineers from Cyprus attended a five day course put together by TMS in

Traffic Signals (Intro to)

Route Collision Study for Essex County Council

Recently a 50mph speed limit enforced by SPECS was introduced at the eastern end of the A127 in Essex. It is likely that there will be increasing pressure to extend this speed restriction along the whole length of the A127 that is managed by Essex County Council. Therefore the Safety

Completion of more training for Loughborough University

TMS has recently completed some more training for staff working on the RAIDS collision investigation project at Loughborough University

Transport Statements & Assessments

TMS working in partnership with GreenSafe

TMS in partnership with GreenSafe has recently completed a study into the correlations between SCRIM measurements and actual collision data throughout the HA Area 7, on behalf of A-one+

TMS continues to train staff at Birmingham City Council

TMS is now in its third year of running half day CPD courses at Birmingham City Council. The courses are run six times a year at Sutton Coldfield Neighbourhood Office, and cover a range of topics including highway and traffic design, highways maintenance, legal aspects of highways work, and road safety issues such as safety audit and safety in design.

TMS launches BTEC courses in Highway and Transportation

TMS and City of Bath College have launched a new joint training initiative for 2010. This will see the City of Bath College's very popular Highways Open Tech distance learning courses being delivered and taught in modular form by TMS, as an expansion to their current traffic management

TMS shares road safety experience at national conference in Pakistan

TMS has recently been invited to participate in a national road safety conference in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Transport Planning, Traffic Management and Road Safety (Introduction to)

TMS carries out Road Safety Inspections in Saudi Arabia

TMS recently took part in a programme of Road Safety Inspections (RSI) encompassing 10 sites within the City of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The RSI was jointly commissioned by the International Road Federation (IRF) and the Municipality of Riyadh Region. The 10 selected sites

TMS commissioned to carry out Road Safety Audit for Qatar National Museum, Doha

In August 2011 TMS carried out a Stage 1 Road Safety Audit of the concept design for surrounding roads for the New Qatar National Museum, in Doha, on behalf of Parsons International Ltd. The new museum promises to be another iconic architectural masterpiece in the State of Qatar, and

Understanding Liability in Highway Maintenance and Highway Engineering

TMS auditing several major road schemes

TMS is currently involved in auditing various major road schemes in several parts of the world. These large scale road safety audits are keeping the Engineers busy as vast amounts of information have to be reviewed over quite short and challenging timescales.

TMS attend Road Safety Audit Forum in Doha, Qatar

TMS attended the Road Safety Audit Forum in Doha on Tuesday 20th January 2015. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the process and procedures of carrying out road safety audits in Qatar, where items such as the Safe System approach and the use of Risk Ratings were debated.

TMS sponsored team completes Mongol rally

TMS Director Steve Proctor’s son Matt, accompanied by two friends drove 10,000 miles across Europe, through Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, and then on through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, through Mongolia and on to the final destination in Siberia.

News Archive

Road Safety Audit on major highway scheme for Portsmouth City Centre project

TMS has carried out a combined Stage 1&2 Road Safety audit on proposals for major highway improvements for Portsmouth City Centre.

TMS wins major training contract with Global Road Safety Partnership

TMS has been awarded a contract to produce six training packages and will be working closely with GRSP in Geneva and Budapest to deliver the work. The work involves writing training packages on a range of subjects including speed management, drink driving, child road safety, and

Risk Assessment training at Devon Travel Academy

TMS was recently commissioned by Devon County Council to undertake some Risk Assessment training for staff from the County Highways Department, together with colleagues from Plymouth City Council.

TMS hit the 10,000 milestone for Road Safety Audits

This week has seen TMS reach a significant milestone in the company's Road Safety Audit history; the 10,000th Road Safety Audit has been carried out by auditors Darren Newbold and Robert Cyples. Over the last 21 years TMS has developed an extensive client profile with numerous Local

New Road Safety Audit Standard Published - 1st April 2015

The long awaited update to HD 19/03 has now been published by the Highways Agency (Highways England). The new Road Safety Audit Standard HD 19/15 describes and mandates the Safety Audit process for use on Trunk Road and Motorway schemes throughout the United Kingdom. It will be up to local highway authorities to decide whether they adopt the standard on the roads for which they have responsibility.

N25 Improvements nearing completion in Cork, Ireland

TMS has recently completed the pre-opening Stage 3 road safety audit of the mainline improvements of the N25 South Ring Road Improvements in Cork. The main aim of the scheme was to provide grade separation of two junctions along the route (Sarsfield Road and Bandon Road roundabouts)

TMS support World's Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer

On Thursday 28th September 2018, TMS took part in the World's Biggest Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. This charity is close to our hearts at TMS and we wanted to support this amazing cause.

Safety Auditing on A9 between Kincraig and Dalraddy

A team of three TMS Engineers recently travelled to Aviemore to carry out Safety and Cycle Audits on a project near the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. The scheme involves dualling approximately 7.5km of the A9 between Kincraig and Dalraddy, just south of Aviemore.

Coach trip to Stratford for RoSPA Case Study

TMS successfully ran the 10 day RoSPA Road Safety Engineering course at the Village Hotel in Coventry for the first time, with the course very well attended.

TMS hits the 11,000 milestone for Road Safety Audits

TMS recently reached a significant milestone in the company's Road Safety Audit history; the 11,000th Road Safety Audit has been carried out by auditors Harminder Aulak and Andy Coleman. Over the last 23 years TMS has developed an extensive client profile with numerous Loca

Blackpool Council commission TMS and PJA to carry out a Post Scheme Quality and Access Audit of the public realm on Blackpool Promenade

TMS and Phil Jones Associates have recently been commissioned by Blackpool Council to carry out a Post Scheme Quality and Access Audit of the public realm, associated with a scheme recently implemented as part of Blackpool's Promenade Movement Strategy. In addition to the combined

Two National Road Safety Audits for TMS in Ireland

TMS has recently completed road safety audits at pre-tender stage on two national road schemes near Mullingar in Ireland. N4 The Downs The first audit was on the "N4 The Downs" project, which is an on-line improvement of 5.5km of dual carriageway. The current road has numerous central .

New Road Safety Audit Standard HD 19/15 - FACTSHEET

Following on from the publication of HD 19/15 ‘Road Safety Audit’, Highways England have issued a factsheet containing important information regarding the change

TMS assists Lancaster University with Road Safety Engineering and Traffic Management on Campus

Over recent years, Lancaster University has expanded with new teaching, research, college and residential facilities, and a new Sports Centre has recently been opened on the access road into the Campus. At the University, it is an on-going objective to provide and maintain safe and .

Training Programme for 2018 is now available

TMS has now launched it's 2018 training course programme for its open courses in Coventry and London.

TMS launch a series of London based training courses

TMS has recently launched a series of training courses which are London based, starting from September 2011. The courses will take place in excellent conference facilities in Central London. These training courses are all designed to provide high quality Continuing Professional

New for 2015 - Road Safety Audit Keeping up to Date

TMS are about to start running a CPD course for road safety auditors who want to update their experience and knowledge of current issues that affect their ability to deliver informed road safety audits

Government announces £94 million investment in cycle schemes - but is this enough?

David Cameron has said he wants to start a "cycling revolution", and he has promised £77million investment in cycle schemes in 8 cities including Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham, together with a further £14million investment in schemes in National Parks including Dartmoor

New for 2017 - Highway Inspectors' Refresher Training Course

TMS now offers a new two-day refresher course for Highway Inspectors who have completed the initial four or five-day course within the last five years.

TMS and AECOM - Road Safety in the Middle East

TMS & AECOM have recently provided and hosted a 10 day Road Safety Engineering & Road Safety Audit Course in Doha, Qatar in order to enhance Road Safety in the Middle East

New two-day course introducing the new DMRB HD 42/17, Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding Assessment and Review

New two-day course introducing delegates to the new DMRB HD 42/17, Walking, Cycling and Horse-Riding Assessment and Review.

TMS audit Town Centre Revitalisation Scheme in Bexleyheath

TMS recently carried out a Stage 3 (post-opening) Road Safety Audit of public realm improvements along The Broadway and Arnsberg Way for the London Borough of Bexley. The scheme consists of shared space areas using high quality materials, the provision of low level median islands to

"Risk Assessors get on their bikes"

TMS has just completed a two day course for Worcestershire County Council for Instructors involved in "Bikeability". The objective of the course was to teach the Instructors how to carry out site based risk assessments for that part of the training where Instructors teach

TMS take part in the SoRSA Conference

TMS attended the Society of Road Safety Auditors (SoRSA) Conference in June 2013 at the Crown Plaza hotel in Birmingham. The conference is an annual gathering of professionals in the field of road safety auditing and allows delegates to network and share knowledge on current best

TMS signs letter in The Times newspaper

Steve Proctor, Director of TMS, was a co-signatory to the letter printed in The Times newspaper on 11th July 2011. The letter, signed by four former Road Safety Ministers, and a number of professionals working in the field, welcomes the recent reduction in casualty numbers, but

Launch of the third edition 'Practical Road Safety Auditing' book

TMS is delighted to announce that the third edition of its popular book "Practical Road Safety Auditing” has just been published by ICE Publishing. The new edition, written by former Director Martin Belcher, and current Directors Steve Proctor and Phil Cook contains the following new information compared to the previous edition.

Road User Safety Assessment completed for the National Trust for Scotland

TMS has recently completed a road user safety assessment for an iconic and historic site in The Highlands for The National Trust for Scotland.

Steve Proctor presents Saudi Safety Inspections at Abu Dhabi Road Safety Forum

Steve Proctor, Director of TMS, made a presentation at the recent Abu Dhabi International Road Safety Forum on 21st May 2013. Steve was speaking on the subject of Road Safety Inspections in Saudi Arabia. He made a joint presentation with Eng. Khalaf Aldalbahy, Deputy Director of

TMS completes final audit at major junction improvement in Derby

TMS has recently completed its final (post construction) road safety audit of a major junction improvement scheme in Derby. The A6/A5111 Raynesway junction has been grade separated to replace the previous at-grade roundabout. This is to facilitate a commercial park development nearby.

Cycling in the headlines

Cycling continues to be in the headlines, with the DfT announcing funds to improve facilities for cyclists across the country. Brighton and Hove recently introduced a "hybrid" cycle lane on Old Shoreham Road. This experimental scheme involved the construction of a low edge cycle lane

Northern Ireland DBFO2 Package nearing completion

Work is coming to a close on a £250 million pound package of work to upgrade transport links in Northern Ireland. As part of Northern Ireland Roads Service Strategic Network Transport Plan, Package 2 of a Design, Build, Finance and Operate contract was identified to upgrade

Launch of new Road Safety Audit CPD course

TMS has successfully delivered its first new Road Safety Audit CPD course in the UK since the launch, on March 30th this year, of the updated national Standard for Road Safety Audit HD 19/15. This new two day course – “Keeping Up to Date with Safety Audit” – is aimed at qualified auditors with at least two years of experience in undertaking safety audits. The course examines the new UK HD 19/15, and then introduces delegates to the DfT’s Standard GD 04/12, making them aware of the risk assessment process and levels of tolerability of safety risk for road users, a requirement of HD 19/15.

TMS carries out Road Safety Inspections in Saudi Arabia

TMS recently took part in a programme of Road Safety Inspections (RSI) encompassing 10 sites within the City of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The RSI was jointly commissioned by the International Road Federation (IRF) and the Municipality of Riyadh Region. The 10 selected sites

TMS continue its Workplace Transport Risk Assessments across various industries

As well as providing road safety and traffic management consultancy services to clients across the UK and overseas, TMS also regularly applies those same risk assessment and problem solving principles in many other scenarios, including carrying out workplace transport risk assessments on a wide variety of sites, such as hospital estates, transportation hubs, supermarket car parks and loading areas, and local authority depots.

Road Safety Auditing within the International Quarter and Olympic Park, London

TMS recently visited sites around the Stratford area of Newham, London to audit completed and proposed schemes associated with redevelopments at the International Quarter and around the Olympic Park.

TMS issues 100th Highways Agency accredited Road Safety Audit Certificate of Competency

Under EC Directive 2008/96/EC and Highways Agency IAN152/11 all Road Safety Audits carried out on the Trunk Road and Motorway network from December 2013 in the UK must be undertaken with an approved audit team with at least one team member having an approved Certificate of Competency

Project work growth for TMS

In recent months there has been a welcome increase in project work for TMS. Some of the work included: Two projects for West Sussex County Council included an accident investigation and prevention study of a gyratory system in Chichester and a safety review of proposed 20mph speed

Road Safety Audit - Are you competent?

The deadline for the requirements for audit teams working on the Trunk Road network in the UK to be ‘Certified Competent’ is approaching: 19th December 2013

Traffic Management and Road Safety Training for Police Officers

Following re-organisation of the traffic management and road safety functions of a number of police forces, TMS has completed 10 day training courses for the Metropolitan Police and the Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire Police

TMS brought their BTEC Award training courses to London

TMS brought their BTEC Award training courses to London in late 2015 and these are continuing in 2016. The BTEC courses cover topics in Highway Engineering, Transport Planning and Traffic Management.

Another milestone reached for our Road Safety Audits

The start of 2018 has been a very busy time at TMS, with the company having completed its 14,000th Road Safety Audit since the company started trading in 1990.

Research needed into collisions with Passively Safe Signs?

Over the past 10 years we have introduced a large number of passively safe signs on the road network. TMS has analysed national single vehicle loss of control collisions over this period to look for trends in the data. Given the increase in the number of passively safe signs, one might

TMS Safety Audit training in Malta

TMS Director Steve Proctor recently returned from a two week trip to Malta in which he undertook an intensive road safety training course on behalf of staff working for Transport Malta. The two week course included classroom training in road safety engineering and safety audit and a

TMS provides technical support to British and Irish Universities

For many years now TMS staff have been providing support to academic programmes at British and Irish Universities. TMS staff hold honorary research positions at both Birmingham and Loughborough Universities where they contribute to taught MSc courses in Highways and Road Safety related topics

TMS at Heathrow Terminal 2

TMS Engineers Harminder Aulak and Andy Coleman recently visited Heathrow Airport to carry out Road Safety Audits of the highways works associated with the new £2.5bn Terminal 2 building, which is due to open later this year. The scheme has progressed since the last visit in 2012

TMS hosts 50 overseas delegates for Coventry site visit

On 2nd July 2015, TMS Director Steve Proctor and Graduate Engineer Amy Sutherland welcomed 50 visitors to Coventry from the Birmingham University SREP programme. The delegates, who were on a World Bank sponsored week long road safety course in Birmingham, came over to Coventry to view the ambitious public realm schemes that have set the city apart as a centre for innovative public space design.

TMS provides safety risk assessment of pedestrian rail crossing

TMS has completed an interesting piece of work in North Yorkshire where we were asked to assess the risk to pedestrians crossing the East Coast Main Line on a public footpath at an uncontrolled rail crossing.

TMS hot under the collar in the Middle East

TMS continues to expand its Middle Eastern portfolio with numerous road safety audits on schemes in Qatar. Nothing is done on a small scale, with major infrastructure projects being developed across the country, including multilevel expressways and metro systems. Site visits require

TMS welcomes overseas delegates

In November 2013, TMS ran a week long training course for Road Safety Professionals (formerly N.S.T.G. Phase 2 training) which took place at the Swans Nest Hotel in Stratford upon Avon. 11 delegates attended including four colleagues from Ghana’s National Road Safety Commission

TMS in collaborative work to reduce London cycle deaths

TMS has been working with Phil Jones Associates and the Construction Industry Cycling Commission (CICC) to better understand the factors that are leading to fatal road collisions involving cyclists in London.

TMS completes inspections of Roman roads

Road Safety Inspections have been characterised as “Audits of Existing Roads”, which of course can lead to looking at historical infrastructure dating back many years. TMS has recently completed a project in Rome, Italy, and whilst the roads in question were not 2000 years old, they did reveal plenty of issues for all road users

TMS train Road Safety Staff and Bikeability Instructors at Worcestershire County Council

TMS trainers Keith Sansom and Steve Proctor recently delivered a two day course for road safety staff and bikeability instructors at Worcestershire County Council.

TMS involved with Edmonton LRT Project, Canada

TMS recently worked with Canadian Company “Transafe Consulting Ltd” on a large LRT (tram) project in Edmonton, Canada.

TMS renews old friendships on new course

TMS has recently been working again with former RNIB officer Paul Nicholls. Paul, who is completely blind, accompanied Steve Proctor and over 20 delegates on a Safety Audit visit to a public realm scheme in Coventry. This visit was part of the completely new RoSPA 2 day Advanced Safety Engineering Course, which meets the requirement for RSA CPD set out by the Highways Agency in HD 19/03 and IAN 152/11.

Irish RSA Certificate of Competency Course enters Phase 6

TMS is about to deliver the 6th Irish Certificate of Competency course for Road Safety Auditors and Inspectors. This course, like the five previous courses, will be held at UCD in Clonskeagh, Dublin. By the end of June 2013 over 170 Engineers will have undertaken the Irish Cert Comp

TMS grounded at Heathrow

TMS staff regularly travel to Heathrow to catch flights to various countries to deliver training courses and carry out road safety audits and project work. Recently, two engineers went to Heathrow without any passports or boarding cards, but to carry out a Road Safety Audit of works

TMS has re-launched their Traffic Management and Road Safety training programme in Ireland for 2011

A number of new courses have been added to our Irish training course programme to complement some of the old favourites. The first courses in May were well received and more are planned for June, July and later in the year. For more information on the road safety and traffic related

Completion of Road Safety Strategy for the States of Jersey

TMS have just completed the preparation of a Road Safety Strategy for the States of Jersey. This follows a comprehensive review of road casualties on the island and looks to adopt a challenging casualty reduction target over the next 10 years.

TMS Safety Audit Public Realm Improvements in Stoke

TMS has recently been involved in safety auditing the ongoing public realm improvements in the commercial centre of Hanley, in Stoke-on-Trent.

University implements TMS advice on street de-cluttering

As part of a series of traffic and safety studies carried out on behalf of Lancaster University, TMS has recently completed a de-cluttering study across the university campus that has resulted in the removal of over 70 items of unnecessary street furniture around the campus main roads

TMS develop a new course in Workplace Transport Safety

TMS were approached recently to develop a new training course for a large Health Sector client aimed at enabling key staff to undertake Workplace Transport Safety Assessments. The two-day course, which includes an assessed operational site visit and report was succesfully piloted last .

TMS exhibits at the RoSPA Road Safety Conference

On the 25th February TMS exhibited at the 2014 RoSPA Road Safety Conference: Road Safety and the Cycling Revolution at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Birmingham. This years conference focused on how to make roads, behaviours and environments safer for the increasing numbers of cyclists.

A challenging environment for blind pedestrians

TMS has recently been working with Paul Nicholls (ex RNIB), to deliver training courses to highways staff. Paul and his wife Sue are both completely blind and TMS Director Steve Proctor has recently interviewed them to find out which aspects of the road environment they find most challenging.

TMS launch new Irish Road Safety Course at the Roads Design Office in Naas, County Kildare

TMS has successfully delivered its first new course in Ireland since the launch of the NRA Approved Certificate of Competency qualification. This new two day course – “Keeping Up to Date with Safety Audit” – is aimed at qualified auditors with at least two years experience in undertaking road safety audits.

Safety Auditors venture into The Highlands of Scotland

TMS Engineers Harminder Aulak and Robert Cyples ventured into the Highlands of Scotland in early February 2016 to undertake road safety studies on access junctions associated with the installation of a Transmission Line.

Public Realm improvement for Stoke City Centre

Phase 1 of the Stoke-on-Trent City Centre Public Realm Improvement was completed recently and TMS were commissioned to carry out the Stage 3 Road Safety Audit. Phase 1 of the works included the extension of the pedestrianised zone into Tontine Street and Percy Street. This was a small

First open modular RoSPA Road Safety Engineering course to launch in London

The first open modular version of the ever popular RoSPA Road Safety Engineering course is to take place during May in London. This is an alternative to the traditional 10 day RoSPA course with delegates undertaking individual accident investigations and submitting reports. This course is an important training pre-requisite for Road Safety Auditors to achieve the requirements for the Highways Agency approved Certificate of Competency in Road Safety Audit.

In-House Road Safety Audit training for Cheshire Constabulary

TMS Consultancy has recently delivered an in-house Road Safety Audit training course for Collision Investigators and Traffic Managers working for Cheshire Constabulary. The Officers attending the course frequently attend Stage 3 audits on the motorway network in the county, and wanted to extend their knowledge of Road Safety Audit procedures and highway safety issues.

TMS attend opening of new Sustrans Cycle Route

TMS attended the official opening of Sustrans Cycle Route 52 on 26th October 2012. The route links Kenilworth with the University of Warwick, where the TMS offices are located. The new route offers a traffic free environment for people travelling between Kenilworth and the University,

Phil Cook re-writes BTEC Professional Diploma in Highway Engineering assignments for Bath College

Phil has just completed the re-writing of assignments for the Highways Maintenance, Highways Design, Highways Technology/Transport Planning and Traffic Management courses that make up the core of the BTEC Diploma in Highways Engineering offered by both City of Bath College and TMS Consultancy.

Stratford Site Visit for RoSPA Case Study

TMS recently ran another successful RoSPA road safety engineering course with the site visit carried out in Stratford-upon-Avon.

TMS working in the Middle East

TMS are carrying out a Safety Audit on a major road scheme in the rapidly expanding city of Doha. TMS are working for AECOM on the The Al-Muntazah Street Extension scheme, which will cater for the high traffic volumes associated with the Barwa Commercial and Barwa City Developments in

TMS to attend this year's Annual SoRSA Conference

TMS will be pleased to renew its excellent working relationship with SoRSA at this year’s Annual SoRSA Conference in Birmingham on 16th - 17th June. TMS have been invited to provide feedback on behalf of delegates for the main collision reduction workshop on Day 1 of the Conference.

TMS continues to provide Road Safety Audit Certificate of Competency in Ireland

Duncan Lord and Steve Proctor have just completed the delivery of another Road Safety Audit Certificate of Competency course in Ireland, on behalf of Transport Infastructure Ireland (TII), formerly the NRA

TMS provide the first Road Safety Inspectors training courses in Scotland

In November this year, Dumfries and Galloway Council became the first Scottish Roads Authority to take up the Lantra Awards accredited 5-day training course for Road Safety Inspectors, provided by TMS. 12 D&G Road Safety Inspectors successfully completed the course, spread over

Third edition of the hugely popular “Practical Road Safety Auditing” book

TMS has recently completed the first draft of the third edition of the hugely popular “Practical Road Safety Auditing” book, first written in 2001 and last updated in 2008. The new edition, which will contain over 90 new photos, has been re-written to include revised editions of international road safety audit practice, new aspects of legal implications, and a complete re-write of the section on “control data” to include dozens of up to date references useful for auditors in the field.

TMS complete Final Audit on A8 Belfast to Larne Improvement

TMS recently completed the final road safety audit on the A8 Belfast to Larne improvement scheme on 6th August 2015. The scheme consisted of upgrading 14km of existing single carriageway to a Dual 2-lane All-Purpose carriageway (D2AP).

Safety Audit on the A82 Pulpit Rock, Loch Lomond

TMS travelled north of the border recently to Loch Lomond, Scotland to undertake a Stage 1 Road Safety Audit on an ambitious scheme to widen a section of the A82 on Loch Lomond's western shore. At present the A82 is signal controlled over a short section around a headland near the

TMS trains the JET SET!

TMS has recently delivered Traffic Management Training to the entire surface transportation team at Gatwick Airport. The team are responsible for all aspects of traffic safety and management on the Airport's public road network serving the terminals, car parks as well as delivery and

TMS carried out a VRU audit in Tore village on behalf of Transport Scotland

TMS has recently completed a comprehensive Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Audit in Tore village in the Scottish Highlands on behalf of Transport Scotland. The VRU audit involved a review of cycle and pedestrian routes, including NCR1, which crosses the A9 Trunk Road at Tore.

TMS are recruiting for Road Safety Engineer/Auditor and Trainer

We are seeking Road Safety Engineers / Road Safety Auditors (Junior and Senior levels) and Trainers to assist with our increasing workload.

Road Safety Audit team in the Isle of Man for the Laxey Bridge Replacement scheme

In February 2016, one of our Safety Audit teams went to the Isle of Man to undertake a Stage 1 Road Safety Audit of a proposed bridge replacement in Laxey which was severely damaged and subsequently demolished during the worst flooding the village had ever seen in December 2015.

Training Course Programme for 2018/2019 has now been released

The dates for our training schedule for the upcoming course year 2018/2019 have now been released.

TMS delivers highway safety training to Surrey Parish Councils

When Surrey Police wanted to further their 'Drive SMART' campaign to educate drivers and crack down on anti-social driving by equipping local parish councils in the Guildford borough with portable vehicle-activated speed limit signs, who else would they ask to provide highway safety

TMS involved in innovative 'Tolworth Greenway' Public Realm scheme in the Royal Borough of Kingston

TMS recently carried out a Mobility Audit on an innovative Public Realm scheme in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, London. The scheme, known as the “Tolworth Greenway Project,” was implemented along the Broadway, which was previously a traditional dual carriageway with extensive lengths of guard-railing along the central reservation.

West of Scotland training initiative

Steve Proctor and Pete Smith spent most of this week in Milngavie in the lee of the Campsie Hills training 20 road safety staff from the west of Scotland Road Safety Group.

Completion of two West Sussex County Council Projects for TMS

TMS has recently completed two projects in Chichester for West Sussex County Council. The first was an accident investigation study of the Northgate gyratory near the city centre. The gyratory has a high proportion of pedestrian and pedal cycle casualties and the Council is keen to

TMS appoint Managing Director

TMS Consultancy is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Martin as Managing Director, with effect from September 2014. Paul will be joining TMS from his current role as Technical Director at Parsons Brinkerhoff.

TMS complete Safety Assessments for Schools

TMS was recently approached by two schools to assess the safety of the roads outside their establishments.

TMS assess cycle safety for The Home Office

TMS has an extensive client base, ranging from single person consultancy firms through to multinational companies and large government departments. This time TMS carried out a safety assessment for a well known client; The Home Office in London. The Home Office representatives

TMS announce winners from SoRSA conference

TMS is pleased to announce three lucky winners from their prize draw at this years’ SoRSA conference in Birmingham. The three lucky winners, who will all receive their John Lewis vouchers in the post, are Paul Ward, Sue Brown, and Matt Smith.

500 Highway Inspectors trained by TMS

In March this year, Graham Armstrong of Cambridgeshire County Council became the 500th Local Authority Highway Inspector to successfully complete the TMS modular training course and assessment for Highway Inspectors.

TMS undertake a Stage 3 audit on an experimental pedestrian and cycle scheme in Hove

TMS have recently undertaken a Stage 3 Road Safety Audit on an experimental pedestrian and cycle scheme on Old Shoreham Road, Hove on behalf of Brighton and Hove City Council. The scheme involved reclaiming former carriageway space (Old Shoreham Road was previously two lanes in both

TMS and Phil Jones Associates complete Quality Audit at the Hereford Livestock Market site

TMS has recently completed a Stage 3 Quality Audit in New Market Street in Hereford City Centre. The public realm improvements constructed in New Market Street in Hereford are part of a wider overall scheme associated with the redevelopment of the Hereford Livestock Market site. The design for New Market Street is aimed at improving visual and movement links between the retail development site on the north side of New Market Street and the City Centre on the south side.

Increase in demand for Workplace Transport Risk Assessments

The consequences of accidental collisions in the workplace can be catastrophic, not only in terms of physical injury and damage to property, but also in economic terms. A poor safety record can result in disruption to the efficient running of an organisation, a loss of reputation, poor staff morale and an increase in costs. An employer has a legal duty to ensure the safety of employees working on the site, and that duty of care also extends to other visitors to the site, including contractors and delivery drivers.

RSGB commission TMS to develop a course to teach transport and education authority staff on Walking Routes to School

TMS has been commissioned by RSGB to develop a course to teach transport and education authority staff the procedures for assessing Walked Routes to School (WRTS) and School Crossing Patrols (SCP)

TMS issues 300th Certificate of Competency on behalf of Highways England

Last week TMS welcomed 12 Road Safety Auditors to the Chace Hotel in Coventry for another Road Safety Audit Certificate of Competency course.

Completion of Marston Gate Phase 2 Collision Investigation Study

TMS recently undertook a Collision Investigation Study on behalf of a Developer and Highway Authority involved in a commercial development off M1 Junction 13 in Bedfordshire, known as Marston Gate Phase 2.

NEW Road Safety Audit training programme

TMS has recently introduced two NEW training initiatives in order to help clients adopt a more flexible approach to training in these difficult financial times. RoSPA Modular Road Safety Engineering courseFirstly, TMS are offering a non-residential, modular version of the 10 day RoSPA

GG 119 - New Road Safety Audit Standard Launched

Highways England have recently launched a new Road Safety Audit Standard (GG 119), which has now superseded HD 19/15

Completion of Stage 3 Road Safety Audit for M4 J28 Improvements, Newport

TMS recently carried out a Stage 3 Road Safety Audit on the M4 J28 Improvement Scheme in Newport, South Wales, having been involved in the project through the preliminary and design stages.

Safety Auditors on the move

The road safety audit workload at TMS has picked up considerably in recent months. In the coming weeks, we'll have safety auditors criss-crossing the country, with safety audits in all areas, ranging from motorway projects near Glasgow, through to development improvements in Bodmin

TMS train over 100 Local Authority Highway Inspectors

TMS is one of the few training providers that deliver the new IHE accredited Highway Inspectors Modular Training course. Since we started delivering the course one year ago, we have trained 110 highway inspectors for local authorities across the country. These inspectors are now

TMS exhibit at the 2019 RoSPA Road Safety Conference

TMS has consistently had an exhibiting presence at the annual RoSPA Road Safety Conference. This year the conference was held at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham. The focus for the 2019 conference was making roads safer for vulnerable road users.

TMS to write Road Safety Audit procedures for Bucks County Council

TMS has been asked to write local Road Safety Audit procedures for Buckinghamshire County Council. The procedures will look specifically at how the Council undertakes audits on local roads, and will build on the advice provided in the CIHT Road Safety Audit Guidelines. The objective

TMS continues to train Devon engineering staff

TMS has a long established relationship with Devon County Council and has, over the past 15 years, trained large numbers of staff in Road Safety Engineering, Road Safety Audit and Traffic Management topics.

Transport, Manufacturing and Storage Sites: Workplace Transport Risk Assessment

As well as providing road safety and traffic management consultancy services to clients across the UK, TMS continues to carry out Workplace Transport Risk Assessments on a whole range of different transport, manufacturing and storage sites across the country where site managers have asked for an independent survey as part of their commitment to ensuring the health and safety of their employees and other visitors to the site.

We have moved!!

TMS have recently moved offices to a different building within the University of Warwick Science Park. TMS are no longer located at the Vanguard Centre and are now in a ground floor office (Unit 1B) within Sovereign Court 2.

TMS helps to make Jersey’s streets safer

A brand new training course for people carrying out road works in the States of Jersey has been developed and was successfully piloted in May 2016. The course formed part of the Island’s new “Road works and events” legislation due to be implemented in October, whereby road working activities will be governed by permit and legal requirements including the need to have completed this training.

Do Shared Space Schemes Reduce Vehicle Speeds?

In 2011 Exhibition Road, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, was redesigned to a shared space layout. However, a recent study showed that average vehicle speeds on this road are now 27mph, compared to 22mph in 2013.

TMS continues to audit major Irish road schemes

TMS were recently commissioned to undertake a series of detailed design stage Road Safety Audits in the Republic of Ireland. Despite the financial struggles in Ireland some schemes are still receiving the go ahead, with TMS subsequently being asked to carry out Road Safety Audits. The

Steve Proctor to speak at International Road Safety Audit conference

Aston University is holding a Road Safety Audit conference on 7th April with speakers discussing safety audit in Europe and the Far East, and the UK response to the Decade of Action on Road Safety. Steve Proctor, Director of TMS will be speaking at the conference regarding

Over 1,000 Highway Inspectors have now been trained by TMS

TMS has now trained over 1,000 Highway Inspectors since the launch of its training back in October 2011. Over the last eight years, TMS has delivered the course to over 1,000 Highway Inspectors from more than 40 different local authority areas, with many more courses already scheduled for 2019.

TMS commissioned to carry out Road Safety Audits for Al wakrah Bypass and East - West Corridor Expressways, Doha, Qatar

In June 2012 TMS carried out Stage 1 Road Safety Audits on two brand new proposed expressways in Doha, Qatar, on behalf of Parsons International Ltd. The new expressways will form part of the ever expanding road infrastructure around the periphery of Doha and throughout the rest of

TMS launches new de-cluttering service

TMS is launching a street de-cluttering service that could involve carrying out audits aimed at rationalising signing and street furniture, and could also involve providing advice to designers of new schemes to ensure that signing and other street furniture is kept to an absolute

Amy Sutherland achieves her MSc in Transport Planning and Engineering

Assistant Engineer Amy Sutherland recently completed a Masters Degree in Transport Planning and Engineering which she had been studying on a part-time basis since January 2016.

TMS and Phil Jones Associates complete final Quality Audit in South End, Croydon

TMS recently completed the post construction Quality Audit on the Public Realm Improvements on South End, Croydon. TMS had been involved in the scheme both at preliminary and detailed design stage both from a Road Safety Audit and Quality Audit point of view.

TMS train Havering Council on mobility issues

TMS has recently completed a training course for Engineers working at Havering Borough Council. The one day course included a significant practical element, including a walk around Romford Town Centre accompanying TMS Associate Trainer Paul Nicholls with his Guide Dog, Kinsey.

Quietways in London – Good for Cycling?

Recently TMS have been sampling the Quiteways in London, which are a network of continuous cycle routes using quieter and more peaceful backstreets, waterways and parks.

"TMS contributes to international learning experiences"

TMS has recently been involved in three projects to promote best practice in road safety with international audiences. On 25 June, together with Coventry City Council, TMS hosted a study tour to demonstrate some of the public realm works in the City of Coventry. The students, most of .

TMS expert provides evidence at Swansea Inquest

At the inquest into the death of a pedestrian who was run over by a bus whilst crossing the new Metro public transport system in Swansea in September 2013, the Acting Senior Coroner for Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot called TMS expert on Road Safety and Road Safety Audit, Mark Steventon, to give evidence on whether the design of the Metro system was a contributory cause of the fatal collision.

Stage 1 Road Safety Audit for Stoneferry Road Corridor Improvement Scheme, Hull

TMS recently carried out a Stage 1 Road Safety Audit on major proposals for the Stoneferry Road Corridor Improvements scheme in Hull. The aim of the scheme is to improve journey and safety through the busy residential, retail and industrial corridor.

TMS completes first phase of cycle design training for West Sussex Highways Staff

TMS Consultancy has been engaged by West Sussex County Council to train highways staff with respect to safe design of cycle schemes.

Road Safety Audits carried out at Battersea Power Station Development

TMS auditors Harminder Aulak and Amy Sutherland recently visited Battersea, London to carry out design stage road safety audits for areas of ongoing redevelopment at the old coal-fired Power Station.

Safety Audit of Public Realm Improvements for Dartford Town Centre

TMS recently visited Dartford Town Centre in Kent to carry out a road safety audit for proposed public realm improvements at Market Street and Lowfield Street, which are part of wider regeneration works for the town.

TMS to assess guard rail removal at Pelican crossing

In light of recent discussion regarding the effectiveness and suitability of pedestrian guardrail, TMS were recently asked to carry out a Road Safety Audit on the possible removal of guardrail at a staggered Pelican crossing. The crossing is located on a busy road close to several

TMS try out Cycle Superhighways in London

During recent visits to London as part of safety engineering projects and road safety audit work for London Boroughs, Harminder, Technical Director at TMS Consultancy, tried out some of the innovative cycle routes in the City.

Road Safety Inspection Training for Transport Malta

In light of the recent revision to the EU Directive 2008/96/EC which now has more of an emphasis on vulnerable road users, TMS revisited Transport Malta in Lija in May 2019 to carry out some further training.

Toyota UK Work Transport Risk Assessment

In early 2012, TMS was commissioned by Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd to carry out a safety assessment of the traffic management arrangements within the car parks at their site in Burnaston, Derbyshire. The assessment was instigated as part of the company's health and safety

TMS trains Road Safety Auditors for Abu Dhabi Municipality

In order to reduce the number of collisions on its roads the Municipality of Abu Dhabi introduced a Road Safety Audit standard, based on the UK's HD19/03, in 2010 which requires all new highway schemes to be safety audited. To assist with this requirement, TMS provided Road Safety

Road Safety Audit milestone for TMS

This year has been very busy at TMS, with the company having completed its 15,000th Safety Audit recently since the company started trading in 1990.

TMS and Phil Jones Associates undertake Quality Audit of multi-million pound scheme of Douglas Promenade in the Isle of Man

TMS in partnership with Phil Jones Associates have undertaken a Quality Audit of a proposed £21m public realm scheme along the promenade in Douglas, Isle of Man.

TMS launch Highway Inspectors' Refresher Training

The IHE administers the UK Highway Inspectors Training and Certification Scheme, approved by the UK Roads Board in 2010. It established the Highway Inspectors Board in 2011.

TMS exhibit at the annual SoRSA Conference in Manchester

TMS attended the annual SoRSA conference at the Radisson Blu Hotel at Manchester Airport on 17th - 18th June 2019.

UCD awards Certificates of Competency to Irish Road Safety Auditors

At a ceremony held in University College Dublin on 11 June, Prof Gerry Byrne, Principal of the College of Engineering and Architecture, awarded certificates of competency to successful students from a recent TMS Consultancy Irish Cert Comp course. The photos show Prof Byrne awarding

Richard Runs The London Marathon

Richard Cook is running the London Marathon for Livability. Find out more about his running journey and fundraising efforts!

TMS attend Passive Safety Workshop

Steve Proctor, an Honorary Associate at TMS Consultancy, recently chaired a Passive Safety Workshop in Solihull, organised by UK Roads.

Safety Assessment of the internal traffic management at Worth School

West Sussex County Council recently recommended TMS to the governors of Worth School, a private school based at Worth Abbey near Crawley, to carry out a Safety Assessment of the internal traffic management and pedestrian provision. The school had recently carried out improvements to

TMS involved with Safety Auditing the London Crossrail Project

TMS recently carried out the Stage 3 safety audit for a completed scheme as part of Crossrail developments at the new Pudding Mill Lane (DLR) station in Stratford, Newham.

TMS are now recruiting for Road Safety Auditor/Engineer and Trainer

Due to our increasing workload, TMS have vacancies for various roles.

10 Questions you need to ask about Certificates of Competency if you are a Road Safety Auditor

There are some major changes coming up with respect to qualifications for Road Safety Auditors in the UK. In the future, auditors will require a "Certificate of Competency", and in February 2012 TMS Consultancy obtained Highways Agency Approval to award Certificates of

Irish Road Safety Auditors now certified "competent"!

TMS is pleased to announce that 28 Road Safety Auditors have now been awarded a Certificate of Competency as a result of attending the professional certificate in Road Safety Audit course which took place at University College Dublin in the autumn of 2010. This vocational course

Novel Swale Drainage System

During the course of a safety audit in Hertfordshire, TMS safety auditors Harminder Aulak and Mark Steventon came across a novel swale drainage system for a new large residential development.

Completion of Stage 2 Safety Audit on the A8 Belfast to Larne

TMS were recently asked to carry out the Stage 2 Road Safety Audit of the A8 improvement between Belfast and Larne in Northern Ireland, the last remaining section of single carriageway road along the A8. The scheme consisted of upgrading a 14km section of existing single carriageway

TMS has now been involved in 7 MfS type "Quality Audits"

TMS, in conjunction with Phil Jones Associates, continues to pioneer the principle of Quality Auditing around the UK. Quality Audits in Bristol, Cheshire, Blackpool have been completed, and are on-going in Hereford, Leek, Croydon and Solihull. Types of schemes audited vary

TMS raises over £110 at the Macmillan Coffee Morning

On Monday 30th September, TMS held a Coffee Morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. This charity has personal meaning for many of the staff at TMS, particularly over the last year.

TMS complete major collision study for City of London

TMS has recently completed a major collision study for the City of London. This has involved four TMS Engineers reviewing the collision history at 53 sites (which have included junctions and links) within the City boundary.

TMS complete final Road Safety Audits on major Motorway upgrade in Scotland

For a number of years, TMS has been involved in an ambitious project to upgrade the core of Scotland’s motorway network, designed to boost Scotland’s economy by improving connections between the commercial centres of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and beyond. The final post construction road safety audits have now been completed on the project.

Upturn in project work at TMS

TMS has recently had an upturn in project work with the Technical Team involved in various road safety engineering schemes.

TMS exhibit at RoSPA Congress for the third year

For the third year running, TMS exhibited at the new format RoSPA Congress which was held at Maple House in Birmingham on 15th February 2011. The one-day seminar titled "Road Safety in a time of reduced public spending" was attended by delegates from Local Authorities, Fire

Steve Proctor delivers talk on Safe Systems & Road Safety Audit at Scottish Road Safety Conference

TMS Director Steve Proctor delivered a talk entitled “Safe Systems and Road Safety Audit” at a Conference in Stirling, Scotland on 3rd April 2017.

Busy period for TMS on major Road Safety Audits

TMS Engineers have been very busy carrying out road safety audits on trunk road and motorway schemes for a variety of its clients.

TMS completes a "de-cluttering" study at a UK University

In line with current drives to remove unnecessary "clutter" in the public realm, TMS has recently completed a "de-cluttering" study around the main campus at Lancaster University. The objective was to improve the University environment by the removal of visual

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Workplace Transport Risk Assessment for Karro Foods

TMS recently completed a Workplace Transport Risk Assessment for Karro Foods Ltd in Malton, North Yorkshire.

UK Road Safety Audit "Grandfathers" to have opportunity to obtain Certificate of Competency

The European Directive on Road Infrastructure Safety Management (2008/96/CE) requires that Road Safety Auditors operating on the Trans European Road Network undertake an initial training resulting in the award of a Certificate of Competency (Article 9, para 2). New Auditors can obtain

Applying road safety/risk assessment principles to Workplace Transport

As well as providing road safety and traffic management consultancy services to clients across the UK and overseas, TMS also regularly applies those same risk assessment and problem solving principles in many other scenarios, including carrying out Workplace Transport Risk Assessments on a wide variety of sites, such as Hospital estates, Transportation Hubs, Supermarket Car Parks and loading areas and Local Authority Depots.

A look back at 2019

TMS have had an extremely busy year across all sides of the business. We have carried out over 750 road safety audits for clients all over the UK. Our training courses have been equally as busy, with over 100 open and in-house courses carried out in 2019.

TMS completes an intensive 10-day traffic management training course for the Metropolitan Police

TMS has completed an intensive 10 day traffic management course for the Metropolitan Police. The course covered a wide range of topics including: Traffic management policySources of guidanceTraffic signs and road markingsPedestrian facilitiesCycling facilitiesLegislation and legal

Completion of route study collision investigation on the A45, Birmingham

During 2015, TMS undertook a comprehensive route study collision investigation of the dual carriageway section of the A45 through the Small Heath and Yardley area of Birmingham, on behalf of Birmingham City Council.

Road Safety Audits: Review of 2019

2019 was an extremely busy year for TMS Engineers who have carried out over 730 road safety audits throughout the UK.

TMS 'aboard' the Boeing Dreamliner to Doha

Two TMS Engineers (Harminder Aulak and Robert Cyples) recently travelled to Qatar to carry out a road safety audit on a large development site in Doha, Qatar. The London to Doha flight is a regular route travelled by TMS Engineers to carry out safety audits and assessments in the

TMS provides expert evidence to HM Coroner after fatal collision

Road Safety Consultant, Mark Steventon (TMS) provided expert witness evidence to Her Majesty’s Coroner at the inquest into the death of an off-duty police sergeant in Swansea earlier this month.

In-House Road Safety Audit Training hosted by AMEY, Belfast

TMS recently carried out an in-house Road Safety Audit training course hosted by AMEY in Belfast. This two day 'keeping up to date' course was attended by 17 delegates from AMEY, Department for Infrastructure Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Police and KH Chartered Engineers.

The Gedling Development

TMS Consultancy conducted a Pre-3 Road Safety Audit in a new housing development, we were tasked to audit many aspects of the development.

Our Geographical Profile for Road Safety Audits

Last year TMS were proud to have audited almost 700 different schemes across the UK. We have audited schemes up and down the country, no matter how big or small.

We are recruiting for a Trainer

Due to the increasing demand for our training courses, we have a vacancy for the following Trainer role.

Road Safety Study at St George's Park - National Football Centre

TMS were tasked to carry out a Road Safety Study at St George’s Park, a 330-acre site.
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