Speed Limit Audits


A large County Highway Authority, through its local Safety Camera Partnership, commissioned TMS to undertake a detailed audit of their active speed enforcement sites.

The client required a complete audited check of over 300 fixed and mobile camera enforcement locations to verify that all aspects of the speed limit were, as far as practicable, correct to be able to support viable and lawful speed enforcement.




Our involvement

TMS undertook this wide ranging project in the following way:

  • Searching for all available Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) where they were required. Checking their content and current validity
  • Undertaking a video survey of each enforcement site
  • Plotting the location of all speed limit signs through GPS technology
  • Checking the position of signage against the locations specified in Traffic Regulation Orders where appropriate
  • Checking the clarity and visibility of signage
  • Checking the status of street lighting
  • Checking the required number of signs including terminal signs and repeaters were present
  • Identifying incorrect or misleading signs
  • Checking the provision of speed camera warning and information signage
  • Checking the illumination of terminal signs where required

The client was provided with a report detailing conditions and issues for each enforcement site making recommendations for remedial action where necessary.   

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