School Keep Clear Markings Audit

London Borough of Lambeth

The purpose of the audit was to carry out an assessment of the School Keep Clear Markings for selected schools in Lambeth.

Clearways outside school entrances are crucial to the flow of traffic and the safety of pedestrians, particularly children. School Keep Clear markings are pivotal to a clearway functioning both legally and visually for drivers, helping to reduce congestion and improve visibility for pedestrians.

The audit explored what markings currently exist at each school, whether they are suitable for the purposes of maintaining safety at the school entrances, and whether the markings are enforceable under a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). 

Our involvement

The initial survey consisted of contacting each school and asking a series of questions relating to school keep clear markings. The resulting information obtained was then used to establish whether, at each school, a site visit and detailed survey would be required.

Example questions were:

  • At your school it seems that the SKC markings are on ........... road(s) - is this correct?
  • Do they work OK? - i.e. do they prevent parking or congestion?
  • Do you think they should be modified in any way? (e.g made longer or re-sited)


  • We could not identify from the air photos any SKC markings near your school.
  • Do you have any markings? Where are they?
  • Do you think SKC markings would be helpful to prevent parking at the school entrance?
  • On which road do you think they should be on?

Schools requiring a visit would be assessed on site, where measurements would be recorded and photos taken. The extent of existing markings would be noted in order to draft a TRO or the feasibility of new markings determined. Any alternative measures needed to improve safety and congestion were also considered.


The study identified that schools could be summarised into the following categories:

  • Schools where no further action is required on School Keep Clear markings
  • Schools where there are no existing markings, and therefore a drawing and a TRO are required
  • Schools where the existing markings are unsuitable, and therefore a drawing and a TRO are required
  • Schools where the existing markings are suitable, but a TRO is required
  • Schools where there are no existing markings and no markings are required
  • Schools where alternative measures to School Keep Clear markings, or where further detailed research is required

In addition to physical measures suggested to improve the situation outside schools, a programme of parent and child education was proposed and greater enforcement of School Keep Clear Markings recommended.

Next Steps

The London Borough of Lambeth were pleased with the report and agreed to carry out many of the recommendations within three months. Further research will be carried out in order to reduce congestion on schools that have continued problems despite education and enforcement.

The completion of the report demonstrates our skill and expertise towards improving safety and traffic flow in urban areas for the benefit of all road users.  

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