Quality Audit, Tidworth

Station Road, Tidworth, in Wiltshire is a "shared space" improvement scheme which integrates the development of a new TESCO store and separate shop units with an existing shopping street.

The shared use scheme features a 20mph speed limit and restricted parking zone, within imposing gateways that emphasise the sharp change from engineered highway to shared use street.

The scheme was developed as an alternative to a more conventional highway scheme, with input from the developer, local highway authority, Chamber of Commerce, and residents' forum. The scheme was commended by judges in the IHT Manual for Streets award.

Our involvement

A Quality Audit process included the local authority, Wiltshire County Council, the developers' consultant, and TMS, acting as an independent road safety consultant to the process.

At the preliminary design stage TMS carried out a safety assessment of the design, demonstrating the safety benefits and dis-benefits of each option for a range of road users. This assessment, together with other inputs, contributed to the production of a detailed design.

Stage 2 and Stage 3 Road Safety Audits were then carried out by TMS, the latter with the assistance of Wiltshire Police. Relatively minor changes to the scheme resulted from these Safety Audits.


The result is a low speed integrated space that has been created primarily for people rather than motor traffic, although Station Road is a through route and also a bus route. Vehicles tend to give priority to pedestrians throughout the shared space environment, as the above photograph shows.

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