Pedestrian Crossing Design

National Road Authority, Ireland (NRA)

The purpose of this project was to provide detailed design and construction advice for the provision of controlled and uncontrolled crossings on the national road network in the Republic of Ireland. 


The existing design and construction practices were identified together with standard details for a variety of different crossing types.  These were reviewed against current good practice guidance.


Standard details incorporating good practice in design were prepared for:

  • uncontrolled crossings with and without refuge islands
  • zebra crossings with and without refuge islands
  • signal controlled crossings with and without refuge islands

Current practice in pedestrian crossing design and construction was reviewed and a new detailed design and construction good practice guidance specification was prepared.

The specification covered:

  • Assessing the need for a crossing
  • Traffic and pedestrian surveys
  • Choosing the most appropriate type of crossing
  • Refuge islands
  • Zebra crossings
  • Signal controlled crossings
  • Road markings and signs
  • Visibility
  • Skid resistance on approaches
  • Drainage at the crossing
  • Dished crossings and tactile paving
  • Crossing width
  • Lighting
  • Guard railing 
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