Parallel Initiatives Study

London Borough of Lewisham

The purpose of the report was to carry out a Parallel Initiatives Study of the A212 Catford Hill/Perry Hill route in Lewisham. 

A Parallel Initiatives Study involves developing schemes along key routes in London Boroughs, parallel to the strategies in the TfL Network Management Plan for red routes.

However, the approach emphasises that not all key routes should become red routes, but that schemes should balance the need for movement along the street with other demands, such as social and commercial activity. Emphasis is also placed on improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, and improving the public realm.

Our involvement

Detailed studies were undertaken by TMS to assess the street in terms of demand for movement for all road users. The demand for stationary activity and the quality of the environment and public realm was also studied and an investigation carried out to assess whether road safety could be improved.


It was important that the needs and demands for street space were balanced for all road users. The study identified that improvements could be carried out for all road users, particularly for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.

Road safety could also be improved by carrying out both local and route length accident remedial measures. There was also scope to improve the public realm by increasing greenery along the route and improving the environment outside shopping and commercial areas.

Several scheme options were presented, which were costed to carry out economic assessments. The proposals included cycle lanes, improved pedestrian crossing points, bus priority systems, parking areas, junction improvements and planting and streetscape improvements.

Next Steps

The London Borough of Lewisham were pleased with the report and agreed to carry out many of the recommendations, with staged improvements over the coming years. The economic assessments also indicated that the measures would represent good value for money in terms of accident savings.

The completion of the report demonstrates our skill and expertise in developing new initiatives aimed at improving urban routes for the benefit of all road users.  

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