North Circular Road, Dublin - AIP

Dublin City Council

The City of Dublin had identified the 4 km length of North Circular Road, Cabra New Road and Old Cabra Road between Infirmary Road and Amien Street, as having a high number of road accidents. During the period between January 2000 and December 2004 there had been 262 recorded personal injury accidents. The average number of accidents was 52.4 per year. 

The North Circular Road is an East-West route across the city of Dublin, north of the River Liffey, which by-passes the City Centre. The character of the areas of the city which the route runs through varies between residential and commercial, with on street parking and the potential for deliveries. 

Our involvement

TMS was commissioned by the City Council to carry out an accident investigation study on the North Circular Road, Cabra Road New and Old Cabra Road between Infirmary Road and Amien Street, with the view to introducing a Local Safety Scheme to improve safety for all road users and to review the appropriateness of a number of planned minor improvement schemes. 


The accident investigation study identified accident related problems including non-accident and vulnerable road user problems observed during the daylight and night-time site visits.  In light of the findings TMS subsequently developed outline remedial measures for the scheme. 

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