Accident Monitoring

London Borough of Lambeth 

Wandsworth Road in Lambeth was chosen by the DfT as a Mixed Priority Route Demonstration project. The DfT contributed £1million towards the £4.5 million cost. In the four and a half years prior to the scheme being introduced, a total of 186 injury accidents were recorded on a 3km stretch of road, with speeds ranging between 13mph and 64mph.  One third of the collisions involved motorcyclists, one fifth involved pedestrians and one tenth involved cyclists.

The scheme involved:

  • a speed management strategy, including re-allocating road space to pedestrians, cyclists, buses and motorcyclists
  • improved street lighting and environmental improvements

The scheme had a casualty reduction objective of between 25-35%. 

Our involvement

TMS was involved in the design stage safety auditing of the scheme, and was also commissioned to carry out the accident and traffic monitoring. This involved undertaking before / after studies on speeds, flows, overall accident trends, disaggregated casualty groups and accident types.

The project demonstrated our ability to work directly with a Local Highway Authority, and in addition exemplifies a model that could be used within additional work suggested for case studies/key topics within this project. 

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