A207 Accident Investigation Study

A207 Accident Investigation Study
London Borough of Bexley

The London Borough of Bexley had identified the A207 between Brampton Road and the boundary with the London Borough of Greenwich as having a high number of road accidents. During the period between May 2000 and April 2003 there had been 142 personal injury accidents, resulting in 167 casualties including 22 serious causalities.  The average number of accidents was 47 per year. 

The A207 is a Classified "A" road and formed part of the London Bus Priority Network. The road was also crossed by part of the London Cycle Network, at Warwick Road / Roseacre Road.  Significant lengths of the road were used for parking and deliveries to frontage properties which included homes, shops, businesses and offices.

TMS was commissioned by the Council to carry out an accident investigation study on the A207 Bellegrove Road / Welling High Street / Park View Road / Crook Log, between the Greenwich Boundary and Brampton Road, with the view to introducing a Local Safety Scheme to improve safety for all road users. 

Remedial Measures

Following the accident investigation study the project team developed various remedial measures. The project team carried out public consultation including holding an exhibition, and used leaflet questionnaires to establish the views of local traders and the general public. 

Following the consultation process, the TMS team completed the detail design of the scheme. The main elements of the local safety scheme were as follows: 

  • Re-designed and modelled the traffic signal junction of Bellegrove Road with Upper Wickham Lane to re-introduce a right turn and improve pedestrian facilities.
  • Re-designed and modelled the traffic signal junction of Bellegrove Road with Central Avenue to incorporate controlled pedestrian facilities.
  • A new pelican crossing
  • Cycle lanes
  • Alterations to the on-street parking
  • Footway widening and junction build-outs
  • Central hatching

Accident Savings

The estimated annual accident saving was 10.5 accidents per year; the scheme was estimated to cost £480,000.  The scheme was completed in March 2006.

During the period of January 2006 and December 2007 there had been 66 injuries, an average of 33 accidents per year. This equates to an annual accident saving of 14 accidents per year. 

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