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Safety Assessments, Mobility Reviews and Risk Assessments  

There is a growing need for managers of road infrastructure on University campus sites to evaluate the operational safety of the way in which people and vehicles move around in the areas under their control.

The need to ensure that conflict situations can be avoided is becoming a primary objective and, having undertaken numerous exercises in this area for a number of multi-national companies and local authorities, TMS is well placed to assist educational establishments in this field.

Our experience

TMS has worked with a number of Universities and Colleges to assist them in managing safe and operationally efficient sites.

Our work has ranged from designing and implementing speed management initiatives, reviewing parking standards and provisions, introducing facilities for cyclists, managing public transport access proposals and undertaking risk assessments both on and off the sites.

Also, the advent of the increased requirements under recent legislation to introduce suitable facilities for disabled people has also highlighted the need for the type of Mobility Reviews that TMS has been pioneering for some years.

For some examples of the operational safety/risk assessment type work TMS has been involved in are listed below, in a mini case study format:

  • Keele University - Traffic and Safety Review
  • Loughborough University Campus - Safety Assessments
  • University of Warwick - Safety Review
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