Transport safety in the workplace

Risks associated with commercial operations

The movement of the various types of transport also gives rise to a particular set of risks that need to be managed in-line with a risk assessment process. Commercial operations which involve loading and unloading can be particularly hazardous, especially when the layout of a site requires large vehicles to reverse into position.

Speed of vehicles

The speed of vehicles moving within an enclosed site is often much lower than normal road traffic speeds.  Even so, the consequences of relatively low speed collisions between moving vehicles, or between vehicles and pedestrians, can be catastrophic; taking into account the size and weight of delivery vehicles and the relative vulnerability of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Serious or even fatal injuries are not uncommon in such circumstances, and significant loss of productivity through damage or minor injury is highly likely. Simple measures to reduce the risk of such incidents occurring can therefore be justified from both a welfare and economic perspective. 

Most transport related accidents at work involve people being hit or run over by moving vehicles, people falling from vehicles or being injured as a result of a vehicle overturning.   

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