Workplace Transport Risk Assessments (WTRA)

Health and Safety legislation imposes a general duty on employers to do whatever is 'reasonably practicable' to control work-related risks to their employees and other people who could be affected by their business activities.

The consequences of accidental collisions in the workplace can be catastrophic, not only in terms of physical injury and damage to property, but also in economic terms.

A poor safety record can result in disruption to the efficient running of an organisation, a loss of reputation, poor staff morale and an increase in costs. An employer has a legal duty to ensure the safety of employees working on the site, and that duty of care also extends to other visitors to the site, including contractors and delivery drivers.

Organisations that fail to fulfil their duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act could not only be liable for criminal prosecution, but might also incur civil liability, as the occupiers of premises, for any injuries or damage sustained as a result of its negligence.

Our experience

TMS has extensive experience in carrying out workplace transport risk assessments (WTRA) to check for compliance with current health and safety legislation and HSE guidance, and to offer practical recommendations for controlling identified risks presented by the movement of traffic around the workplace.  We use engineering judgement based on the assessors experience in risk assessment and accident investigation. Reference is also made to the HSE publication; 'Workplace transport safety: An employers guide, HSG136.

Having undertaken numerous exercises in this area for many local and multi-national companies, TMS is well placed to assist your organisation in this field.

Some of our clients have included the following:

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