Traffic Calming and 20 mph zones

Traffic Calming and 20 mph zones

Over the years, TMS have been involved with the assessment, design and implementation of numerous traffic calming and other related speed management schemes.

Our senior Engineers have worked on the development of national strategies and research projects as well as developing some of the techniques that are in common use today.

From route strategies, to comprehensive area-wide projects, to some of the first Home Zones in the country, our highly skilled teams have worked with Local Authorities and other Consultants to produce schemes that have resulted in significant speed and accident reductions.

Our experience

TMS has worked on a variety of projects ranging from traffic calming schemes to local safety schemes to home zones:

  • Crankhall Lane Local Safety Scheme - Sandwell
  • Auckland Drive Traffic Calming Scheme - Solihull
  • Magpie Hall Area Traffic Calming Scheme - Bromley
  • Home Zone - Luton
  • Area-Wide Traffic Calming Scheme - Warrington
  • Area-Wide Traffic Calming Scheme - Lancashire
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