Road Safety Research

Road Safety is an important part of our national and international sense of well being and prosperity. Sustainable economic growth depends on moving large numbers of people, plus their goods and services around the country, and the world, as safely as possible. In order to do this governments, local authorities and companies develop movement strategies based on minimising conflict and reducing collisions.

In order to devise these road safety plans, both at the macro and micro level, it is important to use an evidence base so that strategies reflect real, rather than perceived problems. The analysis of collision data in a structured way, its comparison with other potentially determining factors, and the delivery of succinct practically based research reports has been a fundamental part of the service TMS has offered for many years.

It is important that as much of what we do; be it the production of new design standards, the development of road safety campaigns, undertaking road safety auditing, or identification of high risk locations, is based on sound research.

Our experience

TMS has worked on a number of research projects for a variety of organisations over the years. For more information on the different types of research TMS has carried out, please refer to the links below:

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