Operational Safety Assessments

Risk Assessments and Mobility Reviews

There is a growing need for both commercial organisations and managers of the road infrastructure to evaluate the operational safety of the way in which people and vehicles move around in the areas under their control.

From shopping centres to commercial and industrial premises, the need to ensure that conflict situations can be avoided is a prime consideration.

The requirements of the Health and Safety Legislation see employers having to undertake risk assessments of their premises and producing strategies designed to reduce or eliminate conflicts on their roads and parking areas.

Also the advent of the increased requirements under recent legislation to introduce suitable facilities for disabled people has highlighted the need for the type of Mobility Reviews that TMS has been pioneering for some years.

Our experience

Having undertaken numerous exercises in this area for many local and multi-national companies and several Local Authorities, TMS is well placed to assist your organisation in this field.

For examples of the different types of operational safety and risk assessment type work TMS has carried out, please refer to the links below:

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