Local Safety Schemes

Local Safety Schemes

TMS have carried out the design of a number of local safety schemes on behalf of Local Authorities across the country.

Some of these have followed a detailed accident/collision analysis where, having made collision reduction recommendations and demonstrated the value of our proposals, we have been asked to complete either preliminary or detailed design to assist Local Authority Engineers in progressing to the construction stage.

Sometimes, this has included the following:

  • Drafting of Committee reports on design aspects
  • Public consultations on design solutions or construction specifications
  • Bills of Quantities and other elements of contract preparation

Our experience

Over the years TMS has worked with numerous Local Authorities on developing Local Safety Schemes and ones which also form part of other traffic calming and home zone projects.

Examples include schemes in Bexley, Harrow, Crankhall Lane, Luton Home Zones and Auckland Drive, Solihull

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