Publications to Purchase

Publications to Purchase

Practical Road Safety Auditing

3rd Edition (2015)

New standards and fresh challenges for practising road safety auditors.

TMS is delighted to announce that the third edition of its popular book "Practical Road Safety Auditing” has just been published by ICE Publishing. The new edition, written by former Director Martin Belcher, and current Directors Steve Proctor and Phil Cook contains the following new information compared to the previous edition:

  • A review of HD 19/15
  • Up to date new research and control data useful to Safety Auditors
  • Coverage of other types of design audit including NMU's and Quality Audit
  • Up to date international review of Safety Audit in other countries
  • A completely new series of colour photos demonstrating real safety issues

TMS Director Steve Proctor said: “We hope this book makes a contribution to answering the questions that Auditors raise, and we wish our readers great success in their Safety Audit endeavours”

How to Order

Unfortunately you are no longer able to order this publication through our website.  If you would like to obtain a copy, please contact ICE direct

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