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This section allows you to have a look at some of the free resources available on request from TMS. The resources below are a few publications within the industry which you may find useful, either for a specific project you are carrying out or to aid in a research task. Whatever the reason, please click on the relevant links for more information.

EuroRap: Barriers to Change

Designing Safe Roads for Motorcyclists Position paper on motorcycles and crash barriers. This paper is from the international Panel established by EuroRAP to look at safe road design for motorcyclists. The Panel included motoring clubs, motorcycle manufacturers, riders' organisations, practitioners and national and regional road authorities. The paper shows that motorcycle crashes cost the European economy billions annually and argues that the response is not proportionate to the scale of the problem.  It examines crash barriers that routinely save the lives of car occupants but can cause traumatic death to motorcyclists.

'EuroRAP:  Barriers to Change' is free of charge.

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Highway Infrastructure for Bus Stops

This booklet continues the series began in 1997 with 'Traffic Calming and Buses'. It gives a sound briefing in the issues of Bus Stop Infrastructure: how to provide sufficient standard roadside facilities for local bus services. Produced by CSS/ATCO/CPT

'Highway Infrastructure for Bus Stops' is free of charge. 

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Traffic Calming and Buses

This booklet is aimed to assist Local Authorities reconcile the need to pursue traffic calming measures as a means of reducing casualties and to ensure both the continuation and development of good quality local bus services. Produced by CSS/ATCO/CPT

'Traffic Calming and Buses' is free of charge. 

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What goes wrong in Highway Design

This booklet gives details of a series of design problems commonly found by Safety Engineers during the road safety audit process. It also gives a road users point of view and shows how problems can be avoided by good safety audit. Produced by TMS and published by AA Motoring Policy.

'What goes wrong in Highway Design' is free of charge. 

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A Practitioners' Guide to Local Highway Authority Liability for Road Deaths & Injuries

This Guide is intended to be a simple outline of the basic legal duties of local authorities in relation to road safety and highway maintenance, and their potential liability to criminal prosecution or civil litigation in the event of a death or injury on the highway resulting wholly or partly from highway factors. The Guide is not intended to be an academic or authoritative text. 

This Guide is based on the law as it stands at the time of writing in October 2010. The interpretation of the relevant law is that of the author alone: TMS Consultancy accepts no responsibility for the consequences of any reliance on the information contained in this document.

If you would like to obtain a copy of this document (PDF version) then please complete the relevant form.  An electronic copy will be sent to the email address provided.

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