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Increase in demand for Workplace Transport Risk Assessments

The consequences of accidental collisions in the workplace can be catastrophic, not only in terms of physical injury and damage to property, but also in economic terms. A poor safety record can result in disruption to the efficient running of an organisation, a loss of reputation, poor staff morale and an increase in costs. An employer has a legal duty to ensure the safety of employees working on the site, and that duty of care also extends to other visitors to the site, including contractors and delivery drivers.

TMS is an independent traffic management and road safety consultancy which also now has wide experience of carrying out workplace transport risk assessments (WTRA) to check for compliance with current health and safety legislation and HSE guidance, and to offer practical recommendations for controlling identified risks presented by the movement of traffic around the workplace.

TMS safety assessors have carried out workplace transport risk assessments at:

• Service and delivery yards
• Bus stations
• Factories
• Transport depots
• Production plants
• Cement works
• Tanker terminals
• Schools and nurseries
• Hospitals
• Wholesale markets

Recent projects have included the Lhoist UK limestone quarry in Derbyshire (May 2018); and Navigator Terminals in Essex, which comprises a large petrol storage and processing plant and associated tanker park (Jan 2018).

At both sites, there was already a well-established safety culture and a high level of awareness of the risks associated with moving vehicles and plant. Our assessors spent some time surveying each of the sites and talking to employees and other users of the sites. We identified the residual transport safety issues and presented these in a comprehensive report, together with practical recommendations for reducing the risks. At both sites, health and safety officers expressed their appreciation of our input and welcomed our suggestions for improvements to infrastructure and procedures at their sites.

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