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Workplace Transport Risk Assessment for Karro Foods

TMS recently completed a Workplace Transport Risk Assessment for Karro Foods Ltd in Malton, North Yorkshire.

Karro Foods is a producer of pork products supplying a number of the UK’s major supermarkets and wholesale food markets. The 19-acre site houses the company Headquarters as well as live goods in, dispatch areas, offices and processing factory, as well as large car park.

The independent Workplace Transport Risk Assessment covered the whole of the Karro Foods site, both external and internal areas, with the purpose of identifying the risks of personal injury to staff, contractors and visitors associated with the movement of traffic around the site.

The extensive report highlighted a large number of potential safety improvements around the site, many of which the company are very keen to implement to continue their very good safety record.

If you would like more information about Workplace Transport Risk Assessments then please visit the relevant section of our website or call Lorna Charles on 024 7669 0900.

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