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University implements TMS advice on street de-cluttering

As part of a series of traffic and safety studies carried out on behalf of Lancaster University, TMS has recently completed a de-cluttering study across the university campus that has resulted in the removal of over 70 items of unnecessary street furniture around the campus main roads.

Items removed include road hump warning signs, 20mph speed limit roundel signs, pedestrian crossing signs, and many other signs such as road gradient and two-way traffic signs - all of which were considered by TMS as unnecessary in the context of a university campus. Mike Sheppard, Deputy Director of Facilities at the University said "not only have we been able to remove of 70 items from the main road but, following the TMS study findings, I can see that at least 30 items can be removed elsewhere on campus". 

There are also plans to remove some guardrail and yellow box lining in the future, and several "zebra" type crossings have been converted to courtesy crossings on flat top road humps.

Andy Paul, the TMS Engineer who carried out the study is of the view that, if so much de-cluttering can be achieved to improve the environment on one university campus, it makes you wonder what could be possible on our roads and streets across the country.

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