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UK Road Safety Audit "Grandfathers" to have opportunity to obtain Certificate of Competency

The European Directive on Road Infrastructure Safety Management (2008/96/CE) requires that Road Safety Auditors operating on the Trans European Road Network undertake an initial training resulting in the award of a Certificate of Competency (Article 9, para 2). New Auditors can obtain such a qualification if they successfully complete the Cert Comp version of the TMS/ RoSPA two-week Safety Engineering course.

However TMS recognises that it is unlikely that experienced Auditors who meet the current training requirements set out in HD 19/03 will wish to re-take the two week course.

TMS have therefore adapted the very popular Road Safety Audit - Keeping up-to date course to provide a Certificate of Competency option for 2011. All delegates attending the two day course will receive a Certificate of Attendance, complying with the recommendation in HD 19/03 for two days recent Road Safety CPD. This will maintain their accreditation for undertaking Road Safety Audits on UK trunk roads and motorways.

In addition, all experienced Auditors who meet the current training requirements set out in HD 19/03 will have the opportunity to sit a knowledge test on the course. If they pass, they will then be able to submit a Road Safety Engineering Case Study, and a RSA report, for assessment by TMS tutors. The tutors will use the same assessment criteria as currently used on the UK two-week TMS/ RoSPA Road Safety Engineering Certificate of Competency course.

Successful candidates will then receive a TMS/ RoSPA Certificate of Competency, in addition to their CPD certificate.

Steve Proctor, TMS Director and trainer on the TMS/RoSPA courses commented:
"This is a great opportunity for experienced Safety Auditors to obtain the most recent and relevant information that will help them carry out their work, whilst at the same time obtaining a Certificate of Competency as set out in the European Directive".

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