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Transport, Manufacturing and Storage Sites: Workplace Transport Risk Assessment

As well as providing road safety and traffic management consultancy services to clients across the UK, TMS continues to carry out Workplace Transport Risk Assessments on a whole range of different transport, manufacturing and storage sites across the country where site managers have asked for an independent survey as part of their commitment to ensuring the health and safety of their employees and other visitors to the site.

Over the last year, TMS have provided transport risk assessments at a 16-acre furniture manufacturing site and a fuel tanker terminal in Essex, a vinegar production plant in Staffordshire, limestone quarries in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, and cement and concrete works in Hull and Stoke-on-Trent.

Typically, the two-person TMS assessment team will spend a day on site, surveying and talking to staff to identify safety issues in relation to the movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic around the site. We will then produce a detailed report listing the safety problems and our recommended mitigation measures. Many of the issues identified on worksites are similar to those found on public roads although, because of the size and weight of some of the vehicles involved in workplace activities, the consequences can often be more serious.

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