TMS undertakes Train the Trainer Workshop in Budapest, Hungary

TMS has undertaken a Train the Trainer Road Safety Workshop in Budapest, Hungary, as part of the European Commission funded SOL (Save Our Lives) project. The workshop was attended by delegates from 8 central and eastern European countries and  observers from Cambodia and Vietnam. The workshop featured aspects of the six road safety training packages that TMS has produced for the SOL project, together with learning skills sessions and training tips for the delegates who will now take the packages into their own countries and train locally.

Kathleen Elsig, from GRSP Switzerland, who co-ordinate the SOL project said:

"Itwas really a good mix between theory, practical examples, discussions and group work. The workshop provided me with an important opportunity to get a feel for the actual format and components of the training programme. I enjoyed the interactive and highly engaging style. It really pulled people into discussion and got people working together from the very beginning. I have rarely participated in a workshop where people were in such a good mood and attentive and I think this had a lot to do with the interactive nature of the format."

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