TMS try out Cycle Superhighways in London

During recent visits to London as part of safety engineering projects and road safety audit work for London Boroughs, Harminder, Technical Director at TMS Consultancy, tried out some of the innovative cycle routes in the City.




Harminder said, “The Cycle Superhighways introduced in London have received a lot of publicity, both good and bad, but the best way of assessing them is to try them out yourself. The routes certainly provide a quick and efficient way into central London and some of the inventive features make the Superhighways user friendly....

Novel facilities such as low level cycle signals, separately staged turns, early signal phases for cyclists, segregated routes and blind spot mirrors for lorry drivers at traffic lights were interesting. In my opinion, though the routes tested (CS2 and CS3) were not perfect, the standard of facility was impressive allowing seamless, quick and safe journeys to be made. I look forward to trying out some of the other Superhighways to the south of the city over the coming months on the trusty TMS Brompton!”

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