TMS launches new de-cluttering service

TMS is launching a street de-cluttering service that could involve carrying out audits aimed at rationalising signing and street furniture, and could also involve providing advice to designers of new schemes to ensure that signing and other street furniture is kept to an absolute minimum.

In August 2010, the Secretaries of State for Transport and for Communities wrote to Council Leaders highlighting the Government's commitment to reducing street clutter and asking them, as local leaders, to make the same commitment.

The recent Local Transport White Paper published in January 2011 states that "de-cluttering is a fundamental part of providing high quality public spaces - and one where significant improvements can be achieved at relatively low cost. It involves dispensing with unnecessary signs, traffic signals, road markings and other street furniture to make streets tidier and easier to use".

The White Paper goes on to say that over-provision of these measures often arises out of a mistaken belief that they are required for safety reasons or legal necessity.

TMS has extensive experience and knowledge of signing and street furniture requirements. We can advise clients and designers on what needs to be retained and what can be removed. We can also help to identify opportunities to combine elements of street furniture, reduce obstruction and remove guardrail.

Phil Cook, Director of TMS said "De-cluttering has become an important part of our new transport policy and we are offering our expertise in this area to make sure that this can be done effectively but without causing genuine road safety problems".

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