TMS kicks-off Quality Audit service

TMS and Phil Jones Associates have been commissioned to provide a Quality Audit of two public realm schemes. The two schemes, one being a future super-hospital in Bristol and one being an urban regeneration project in Cheshire based on shared space principles, will both shortly be at detailed design stage.

Introduced through the Manual for Streets design guide, the aim of a Quality Audit is to give clients and designers a balanced review of a scheme, helping to ensure that aesthetic and functional considerations compliment each other, and also helping to ensure that value-added advice is provided prior to detailed design and construction.

TMS sees Quality Audit as an important aspect of street design, not only with new development like the Bristol hospital, but also when making changes to the public realm. In teaming up, TMS and Phil Jones Associates are able to provide all the elements required for an effective Quality Audit, and are keen to continue working closely with street designers in the future.

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