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TMS involved in innovative 'Tolworth Greenway' Public Realm scheme in the Royal Borough of Kingston

TMS recently carried out a Mobility Audit on an innovative Public Realm scheme in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, London. 

The scheme, known as the “Tolworth Greenway Project,” was implemented along the Broadway, which was previously a traditional dual carriageway with extensive lengths of guard-railing along the central reservation. The busy high street was dominated with vehicles, with little attention given to pedestrians and cyclists. The public realm was also cluttered with signs, guard-railing and other items of street furniture.

The aim of the Greenway project was to create public space areas that have an exciting new look and feel, where pedestrians, cyclists and shoppers are at its centre. One major element of the scheme was to remove the guard-railing along the central reservation and instead create a cycleway along the median, surfaced in a striking striped green material.

TMS was commissioned by the Borough Council to assess how the completed scheme performs in terms of access and ease of use by a wide range of potential users, including people with disabilities and the visually impaired. The aim was to address issues and concerns raised by local people.

Team member Harminder Aulak said:

“It was a pleasure to be involved in this innovative and striking new scheme. The road environment has certainly been changed for the better and opened up areas that were previously hostile and unfriendly for pedestrians and cyclists. The colours used have added a sense of vibrancy and interest to the high street.”

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