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TMS hosts 50 overseas delegates for Coventry site visit

On 2nd July 2015, TMS Director Steve Proctor and Graduate Engineer Amy Sutherland welcomed 50 visitors to Coventry from the Birmingham University SREP programme.

The delegates, who were on a World Bank sponsored week long road safety course in Birmingham, came over to Coventry to view the ambitious public realm schemes that have set the city apart as a centre for innovative public space design.

Chris Young, the City Council’s Project Manager gave a short talk in the Council House, and then the delegates had a look at the schemes for themselves, including a visit to the £60m new walkway from the city centre to the train station. The schemes have by and large been very successful.

For example at Far Gosford Street, where traffic signals were replaced with a shared space area where no formal priority is proscribed, there has been a three year before after collision reduction from 10 down to 0.

TMS Director Steve Proctor said: “Being a local firm we have watched the development of the public realm works in Coventry with great interest. It’s interesting to see that these scheme, which were put in to improve the public realm and encourage inward retail investment, have also been very successful from a road safety point of view. It’s been a great opportunity to demonstrate that success to colleagues from around the world as part of Birmingham University’s SREP programme.”

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