TMS helps to make Jersey’s streets safer

A brand new training course for people carrying out road works in the States of Jersey has been developed and was successfully piloted in May 2016.  The course formed part of the Island’s new “Road works and events” legislation due to be implemented in October, whereby road working activities will be governed by permit and legal requirements including the need to have completed this training.  

The training course uniquely approaches road work safety issues from a collision prevention perspective and includes practical on site assessments as well as observed installation and a written examination.

TMS Senior Consultant Peter Smith who helped develop the training package for Jersey’s Streetworks Manager Carl Dodds said, “whilst TMS has been involved in TTM training for many years this is the first we have been able to work with a State Government to develop a bespoke training course as part of the innovative legal controls being introduced in Jersey”.

The pilot course was delivered by local safety training provider “4 safety” under their lead trainer Adrian De Gruchy on Monday 16th May with 6 delegates from the Jersey Electricity Company (JEC).

Whilst this is now firmly rooted as a locally provided training course in Jersey, TMS will continue to support the Department for Infrastructure with further development, assessment and evaluation.

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