TMS grounded at Heathrow

TMS staff regularly travel to Heathrow to catch flights to various countries to deliver training courses and carry out road safety audits and project work.

Recently, two engineers went to Heathrow without any passports or boarding cards, but to carry out a Road Safety Audit of works related to the new £2.5bn Terminal 2, which opens in 2014. 

The works include the reconfiguration of the roads within the Heathrow central area and the creation of access ramps to a new multi-story car park. The Client had a very short timescale as construction works are ongoing and any design changes would need to be incorporated very quickly. The deadlines were met and the Client was very pleased by TMS' ability to organise the work at short notice.

This project demonstrated that TMS can carry out road safety audits on private highway networks and car park layouts, as well as public highways. This type of workload seems to be increasing, with TMS having carried out audits on hospital road layouts and industrial complexes recently. 

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