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TMS and Phil Jones Associates complete final Quality Audit in South End, Croydon

TMS recently completed the post construction Quality Audit on the Public Realm Improvements on South End, Croydon.  TMS had been involved in the scheme both at preliminary and detailed design stage both from a Road Safety Audit and Quality Audit point of view.

The objectives of the scheme were to enhance the character of South End, Croydon, through improvements to the public realm and building frontages which included:

  • The re-alignment of carriageway edges to create a consistent road width and increase footway width
  • Provision of on-footway parking bays
  • Bus stop alterations and parking bay redistribution

Overall, the scheme creates a more pedestrian friendly environment on this very busy traffic route, and helps to redress the balance between vehicle and pedestrian needs. Quality materials were used throughout.

TMS worked together with Phil Jones Associates to provide the final Quality Audit.

Darren Newbold, Senior Engineer at TMS and member of the Road Safety Audit element of the Quality Audit said:

“With a Quality Audit provides the client with much more than just a review of the safety implications of the scheme. The QA gives the client a balanced review of the scheme, which helps to ensure that the aesthetic and functional considerations complement each other".  

The photo shows the footway enhancement at the junction of South End and Ledbury Place

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