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TMS carries out Road Safety Inspections in Saudi Arabia

TMS recently took part in a programme of Road Safety Inspections (RSI) encompassing 10 sites within the City of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The RSI was jointly commissioned by the International Road Federation (IRF) and the Municipality of Riyadh Region.

The 10 selected sites represented a full range of typical road facilities including links and interchanges on major and minor arterial routes, freeways, and a multi-lane roundabout.

Field activities consisted of a detailed inspection of each of the 10 sites, which included a drive-through of the entire site followed by a walk-through examination at selected locations within the site.  A night time drive-through inspection was conducted at three sites to examine safety aspects of the facilities during darkness.

A brief summary of the crash data for some of the sites was provided to the team which indicated general trends. The main conclusions drawn from this data were that high speed collisions were an issue, that night-time collisions formed 52% of the total, and that pedestrians formed 40% of the total.

It is likely that implementation of the findings and recommendations will result in significant progress toward achievement of a reduction of traffic injuries and fatalities and a reduction in the frequency and severity of all crashes. This in turn should allow progress toward achieving the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety goals in the City of Riyadh.     

For full details on this particular project please refer to the case studies section of our website. 

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