TMS auditing several major road schemes

TMS is currently involved in auditing numerous major road schemes in several parts of the world.  These large scale road safety audits are keeping the Engineers busy as vast amounts of information have to be reviewed over quite short and challenging timescales.

TMS is currently working on the following schemes:

1)  Three major Expressway schemes in Doha, Qatar. These are detailed design safety audits following on from preliminary design audits carried out earlier this year.

2)  New dual carriageway and link road scheme in the Republic of Ireland (N11 Enniscorthy to Gorey national road improvement). This scheme is at preliminary design and the auditors will be visiting the site within the next two weeks.

3)  Major motorway improvements in Scotland near Glasgow. Engineers are busy auditing the M8, M73, M74 motorway upgrade at detailed design along various sections. This follows on from the preliminary design audit carried out last year.

4)  Heathrow Terminal 2 infrastructure works in England. Now that the new Terminal 2 is up and running at Heathrow, the site is ready for a post-construction audit of the newly developed roads around the central area of the airport, together with access roads to car-parks.

TMS Audit Team Leader for the majority of the major road schemes, Harminder Aulak said:


“It is always a challenge to audit large schemes and sometimes the amount of information that needs reviewing can be overwhelming. However, I have more than 10 years’ experience of auditing these types of schemes and the variety keeps the job interesting. I’ve been involved in every type of road improvement from multi-level interchanges in Qatar to compact grade separated junctions in Ireland and I enjoy the work as there’s never a dull moment!”

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