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Stage 1 Road Safety Audit for Stoneferry Road Corridor Improvement Scheme, Hull

Last month, TMS carried out an extensive Stage 1 Road Safety Audit to include major proposals for the Stoneferry Road Corridor Improvements scheme in Hull, in accordance with GG119.

The aim of the scheme is to improve journey and safety through the busy residential, retail and industrial corridor.  The scheme will see improvements to a number of junctions, including the signalisation of roundabouts and an upgrade of an existing traffic signal junction

The scheme also looks to improve pedestrian and cycle connectivity with the formalisation of shared use footway / cycleway routes, upgrade of pedestrian’s crossings to toucan crossings and providing light controlled facilities at crossing locations that are currently uncontrolled.

Following the Stage 1 Road Safety Audit, the audit team consider that the proposals will have a significant benefit to all road users in terms of time and safety.

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