Safety Auditing Public Realm Schemes

TMS have recently audited a number of proposed public realm schemes. In January 2020 our audit team carried out a Stage 2 road safety audit on a proposed public realm scheme in Merseyside. An innovative design was put forward with the usual mix of pedestrians, cyclists and motorised vehicles for a principal road. The difference with this scheme was that the route would still be used by HGVs, as access was required for ferry cargo shipping. This would need to be balanced with the high student population generated from a local college.

The proposed scheme included the narrowing of the main road, accompanied by a shared footway and cycleway on both sides, and a centre strip overrun area. Several informal crossing points on raised tables were proposed to be introduced and the access roads and side road kerb radii were to be completely squared off. An existing signalised junction was to be removed and replaced with an open junction arrangement with no priority given to either side.

The photo to the left shows an example of a public realm/shared space scheme TMS were involved with previously.  

TMS have extensive experience auditing public realm schemes and our Engineers are skilled at balancing innovation, whilst not compromising on safety and adhering to the principles set out in Highways England GG 119 and other design standards.

This is something however, which also relies on auditor knowledge, experience and being able to apply this to new situations and scheme designs. Please refer to the Audit section of our website for more information about our road safety audit service.

Alternatively please call Lorna Charles on 024 7669 0900.

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