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LATEST UPDATE - Road Safety Audits during COVID-19

Like everyone else, we’re following the situation regarding COVID-19 very closely and following Government advice.  We wanted to provide our clients with some reassurance that we are doing our very best to ensure business continuity and to minimise the impacts on your business during the most challenging of times.

Road Safety Audits during COVID-19 

Stage 1 and 2 Road Safety Audits 

Following the Government’s announcement on 10th May 2020, we have decided, as a company, to start to resume our site visits, particularly for design stage audits (whilst adhering to the recommended social distancing measures and separate travel for the audit team).  

Over the past couple of weeks, the audit teams have been working through the back log of site visits for our design stage audits, since the COVID-19 travel restrictions have been relaxed.  This has allowed the audit teams to finalise the draft RSA reports they have been working on since the end of March 2020.

Stage 3 and Stage 4 Road Safety Audits 

We are anticipating carrying out Stage 3 and Stage 4 Road Safety Audits from week commencing 1st June onwards.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are limiting the attendees on site to two (TMS audit team only).  This is also in accordance with the guidance issued by Highways England. Therefore, we would not invite representatives from the Highway Authority, the Police, the Design Team or other Contractors.

Potentially, as an alternative, interested parties could visit the site independently of our audit team and provide any feedback to our auditors, prior to finalising the RSA3 report.

We are asking our clients to see if the Local Highway Authority are happy to accept this temporary procedure, in light of the current circumstances.  If the LHA insist they must attend the site visit, then unfortunately we would have to postpone this for the time being, until we feel it is appropriate for any third parties to be able to attend.  

This process is also applicable to Stage 4 Road Safety Audits.

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