Road Safety Audit - Are you competent?

The deadline for the requirements for audit teams working on the Trunk Road network in the UK to be ‘Certified Competent’ is approaching: 19th December 2013.

From this date all teams will have to have at least one auditor in the team who has an approved ‘Certificate of Competence’. This ruling comes into effect as a result of EC Directive 2008/96/EC (Road Infrastructure Safety Management). IAN152/11 outlines the procedure for gaining a certificate of competency.

What is not so well known is that this requirement also applies to local authorities who have local roads which form part of the Trans-European Road Network (TERN).

There are two routes to achieving the certificate of competency; a training route and a portfolio of evidence route. TMS Consultancy administers the approved training route which is based on the provisions of HD19/03 (Road safety Audit) and has issued around xxx certificates of competency to auditors.

However, it is expected that many auditors who may need this certificate have not yet have not yet done so. Additionally many auditors who work on local roads see this certificate as a valuable demonstration of their competency. There may well be a New Year rush to achieve this as people realise the deadline has passed and need this to demonstrate their competency.

For more information on our Highways Agency Approved Certificate of Competency course please visit the training section of our website

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