Quietways in London – Good for Cycling?

As a company, TMS often visit London to carry out a variety of work including road safety audits and consultancy type projects in various Boroughs around the Capital. 

Recently TMS have been sampling the Quiteways in London, which are a network of continuous cycle routes using quieter and more peaceful backstreets, waterways and parks.

Harminder Aulak, a keen cyclist at TMS, commented:

“The Quietway routes in London are popular for cyclists wanting to travel away from busy and noisy major routes in London and still get from A to B relatively quickly. They are a contrast to some of the Cycle Superhighways, which follow major arterial routes radiating out from the city.

The Quietways are ideal for those new to cycling and those finding ways of travelling around the city without the need to drive or use public transport. They complement the various other cycling initiatives in London, including the Cycle Superhighways, London Cycle Hire Schemes and Mini-Hollands being developed in Boroughs.

London has gone through a transformation in terms of cycle usage and in our opinion, various factors have helped make it a success, including political will, securing of funding, re-engineering of roads and collaboration between organisations and interest groups. Other cities and large towns could learn a great deal from the experience in London to get more people on bikes.”

TMS Copyright 2013