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TMS carry out Road Safety Audits on the A73/A74 scheme in Venlo, The Netherlands

In June 2010, TMS undertook a Detailed Design Safety Audit of the A73/A74 Interchange in Venlo, Netherlands. This interchange would connect to a new motorway route from Germany, and provide a 'missing road link' in the road infrastructure. 

The interchange would be free-flowing and the design involved road widening, the construction of structures such as bridges and underpasses, and the creation of new bicycle and pedestrian paths.

TMS initially carried out safety audits on the preliminary design in January 2009 and the scheme has now progressed to detailed design. TMS worked closely with the contractor, designer and National Road Authority on this project, as well as local road safety auditors.

The Netherlands are keen to adopt road safety audit procedures on all their national road projects in the near future and were thankful for the input from TMS, in this safety audit demonstration project. 

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