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TMS appointed as expert technical advisors to the EC 'SaferBrain' project

TMS Director Steve Proctor and Associate Martin Belcher have both been appointed as expert technical advisors to the EC "SaferBrain" project which started in December 2009 and runs throughout 2010 and 2011.

The project aims to examine successful road safety engineering interventions in European countries and determine the extent to which the concept and techniques can be transferred into emerging country settings, using Brazil and India as case studies.

Steve and Martin's role will be to attend project meetings and make technical presentations, and then advise the various working group teams on the technical content of the main project work and related reports.

Steve attended the project kick off meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil in December 2009, where he gave a presentation on Road Safety Audit, and co-ordinated a workshop for staff from Sao Paulo City Authority. One of the main road safety issues in the city is a high incidence of collisions for motorcyclists, the photos show high levels of use for this user in a very busy traffic environment.

Martin is attending the next project meeting in Rome in May 2010. 

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