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Irish Road Safety Auditors now certified "competent"!

TMS is pleased to announce that 28 Road Safety Auditors have now been awarded a Certificate of Competency as a result of attending the professional certificate in Road Safety Audit course which took place at University College Dublin in the autumn of 2010.

This vocational course involved attending ten days tuition, undertaking a multiple choice exam, and submitting both a road safety audit and road safety engineering site investigation for assessment.

The course syllabus has been approved by the National Roads Authority, and the academic standard is verified by UCD. TMS are the course tutors. The students are now all qualified to undertake Road Safety Audits on the Trans European Road Network, under the provisions of a the European Directive that requires auditors to undertake initial training, leading to the award of the Certificate of Competency.

Steve Proctor, Director of TMS and course tutor said: "We believe that these students are the first Road Safety Auditors in Europe to be awarded a Certificate of Competency. They can all be immensely proud of their achievement and the hard work it represents. I wish them well in their future Safety Audit careers."

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