Cycling in the headlines

Cycling continues to be in the headlines, with the DfT announcing funds to improve facilities for cyclists across the country.

Brighton and Hove recently introduced a "hybrid" cycle lane on Old Shoreham Road. This experimental scheme involved the construction of a low edge cycle lane along the road by reclaiming carriageway space. The advantage with this type of scheme is that cyclists are protected by a kerb edge along the road, which is removed at junctions, but cyclists still have priority at these locations.  TMS carried out the safety audits for this scheme and more information can be found in our news section.

In London, Engineers Hammy and Robert came across a novel cycle "aid" in the London Borough of Hackney. This was a free to use cycle pump in the footway, allowing cyclists to "fill up" at the roadside. A great idea we thought, especially with the amount of punctures Hammy seems to suffer. Has anyone come across these before? 

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