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Completion of more training for Loughborough University

TMS has recently completed some more training for staff working on the RAIDS collision investigation project at Loughborough University.

The DfT sponsored RAIDS project involves staff attending collisions at the scene with police investigators, and follows up earlier work undertaken by Loughborough on the OTS (On the Spot) project between 1999 and 2010, also partnered by TMS. The objective of both projects is to collect “in-depth” collision details pertaining to the vehicles, casualties and scene locations for a sample of crashes on an annual basis.

The RAIDS investigators examine the scene of the crash as part of their research into crash causation. A vital part of this examination is the search for any highway related factors that could have contributed to the collision. The TMS training concentrates on highway related issues with respect to road users in crashes.

Steve Proctor, TMS Director who undertook the training said: “We are proud of our long standing association with the OTS/ RAIDS project. As a small consultancy we have appreciated opportunities to work in partnership with academic bodies and we continue to work not only with Loughborough, but also the University of Birmingham, and UCD in Dublin.”

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