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This section highlights any recent articles or press releases that have been issued by TMS, or which TMS have been involved in. The articles tend to be written with a focus on a particular 'hot' topic within the industry, to generate potential discussion or debate

Road Casualties Great Britain 2011 - Main results by road users type

July 10, 2012

The number of people killed in road accidents reported to the police has increased, by 3 per cent, from 1,850 in 2010 to 1,901 in 2011. Just under half (46 per cent) of all fatalities were car occupants, nearly a quarter (24 per cent) were pedestrians, while motorcyclists accounted for just under a fifth (19 per cent) of all fatalities.  read more …

New street design manual moves to embrace highly-trafficked roads

October 5, 2010

"The original Manual for Streets was limited in scope to design considerations related to lightly-trafficked residential streets but now a companion volume, Manual for Streets 2, has been published to expand the thinking of the first design guide to encompass a far wider range o  read more …

Road Safety Audits: a help or a hindrance to better streets?

March 22, 2010

Road Safety Auditors have been criticised for standing in the way of innovative streets designs. But Malcolm Bulpitt from TMS, the author of the first ever road safety audit guidelines, tells Andrew Forster from LTT that a good auditor won't stand in the way of change - so long as  read more …

Pedestrian Guardrail - Taking it Away

March 5, 2010

This article reviews the current trend for the removal of pedestrian guardrail. The new Department for Transport Guidance, Local Transport Note 2/09 - Pedestrian Guardrailing, is very comprehensive but the procedures suggested may be too onerous for many smaller local authorities  read more …

Making spaces accessible for everybody

March 4, 2010

Mark Steventon from TMS recently wrote an article surrounding the accessibility issues faced by people on a daily basis throughout the UK and Ireland. The article titled 'Making Spaces Accessible for Everybody' was published in 'Transport and the Urban Environment' and provided  read more …

Royal recognition for safety efforts

March 5, 2010

For the second year running, the Chartered Institution has been presented with a coveted Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. In December, the award was made to CIHT in recognition of its newly published Road Safety Audit guidelines. Representatives from CIHT attended an  read more …

Safer Walking in Wight

March 2, 2010

The Isle of Wight Council had a vision to become a world renowned Eco-Island where its residents and visitors can enjoy healthy lives and feel safe. With safety as one of its key prerogatives, when the Council decided to reorganise its school system, closing some facilities and  read more …

A decade of safety auditing major road schemes in Ireland

March 10, 2011

The Irish financial crisis was a topical subject last year (and the Government crisis more recently) with everyone talking about the doom and gloom in the Republic of Ireland. For me, this is a shame, as my perception of the country is a little different  read more …

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