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Applying road safety/risk assessment principles to Workplace Transport

As well as providing road safety and traffic management consultancy services to clients across the UK and overseas, TMS also regularly applies those same risk assessment and problem solving principles in many other scenarios, including carrying out Workplace Transport Risk Assessments on a wide variety of sites, such as Hospital estates, Transportation Hubs, Supermarket Car Parks and loading areas and Local Authority Depots.

For example, in February this year Mark Steventon and Pete Smith were invited to carry out a site safety assessment at the Lafarge Cement production plant in Waterhouses, Stoke-on-Trent, which produces about one million tonnes of cement per year.  Lafarge employs approximately 120 people on the site and has a robust and well-established health and safety policy. As part of its ongoing risk assessment process, they identified the need for a thorough examination of the vehicular and pedestrian traffic routes around the site.



Mark and Pete spent a day surveying the traffic routes on the site and identified a number of hazards associated with potentially conflicting movements of people and vehicles. The risk of accidents was evaluated using standard risk assessment principles and a detailed report, with recommendations for eliminating or mitigating the risks, was presented to the Lafarge Health and Safety Managers.

This is just another example of how accident prevention principles can be applied in many other environments, as well as on roads.

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