Road Safety Audit Stage 4

Post Opening Monitoring

* Please note under GG 119 a Stage 4 (36 month monitoring) Road Safety Audit is no longer required

Road Safety Audit Stage 4

Post Opening Monitoring (12 months)

During the first year a Highway Improvement Scheme is open to traffic, a check should be kept on the number of personal injury accidents that occur, so that any serious problems can be identified and rectified immediately. 

The Stage 4 Road Safety Audit is an evidence-led review of road traffic collisions that have occurred in the vicinity of the highway scheme.  The Stage 4 is carried out using 12 months of validated post highway scheme-opening road traffic collision data.

The Road Safety Audit identifies any road safety problems indicated by the data analysis and observations made during the site visits.  The road safety audit reports make recommendations for remedial action which are sent to the client for action.  

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